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IBFD encourages academic excellence. It is our mission to stimulate the development of cross-border taxation and ensure the widest dissemination of tax knowledge.

Our academic portfolio is key to achieving this goal. As the world’s leading think tank in international tax law, we engage in an extensive range of academic activities. We work closely with universities and scientific institutions around the world to advance expertise and excellence throughout the international tax community.


What we do

IBFD Academic pursues the study and diffusion of taxation. We achieve this through our: 
Online courses
Research Activities, Partnerships & Visiting Programmes

We work with a global network to provide the tax community with the most in-depth and up-to-date research on international taxation

IBFD Journal Articles

Written by world-class scholars and tax experts, our publications are essential reading for those interested in scientific research on tax matters

Tax Courses
Events & Competitions

Through events, conferences and competitions, we bring together the best minds to inspire new insights and encourage academic excellence

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Meet the Team

Pasquale Pistone

Academic Chairman

Betty Andrade

Senior Research Associate

Craig West

Senior Associate / Editor

Maro Tyfoxylou

Project Coordinator

João Félix Pinto Nogueira

Deputy Academic Chairman

Alessandro Turina

Senior Research Associate

Yolanda Arbon

Project Coordinator

Dina Justo

Administrative Assistant

Joanna Wheeler

Senior Principal Research Associate

Carlos Weffe

Senior Research Associate

Cristian San Felipe Maestre

Project Coordinator

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