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International Tax Studies (ITAXS) publishes real-time, in-depth research and analysis. This online publication deals with current societal issues, alerting readers on how to anticipate new developments and prepare for their consequences.

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Each paper in the journal gives an in-depth analysis of a topic, providing an overall and detailed assessment of the issue. The approach is holistic: in each study, ITAXS offers a comprehensive overview of a single matter, providing a full-dimensional summary of the problems at stake and fuelling the international debate on the issue.

  • A minimum of eight studies are published online each year at regular intervals (eight studies published on a monthly basis and two to four studies published on a bimonthly basis)
  • We focus on original, ground breaking studies on the paradigm-shifting topics in contemporary tax law that have a major societal impact
  • Each study provides a comprehensive meta-analysis or critical review of a topic and addresses related innovative or disruptive developments that are directly or indirectly affecting the tax world
  • Authors are drawn from a pool of both renowned and up-and-coming tax experts (academics, but also officials from international organizations and governments, as well as practitioners)
  • ISSN: 2590-1117

The publishers and editors continuously strive for excellence in publication, evidenced by the inclusion of the ITAXS in the following indexes and rankings: 

  • Scopus abstract and citation database (Elsevier)
  • Italian ANVUR (Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes) rating of scientific journals, ranked as “Class A” (highest-ranking) 

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Editors and Publisher

Prof. Dr Pasquale Pistone, Academic Chairman, IBFD, the Netherlands

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Prof. Dr João Félix Pinto Nogueira, Deputy Academic Chairman, IBFD, the Netherlands

Managing Editor
Dr Alessandro Turina, Senior Research Associate, IBFD, the Netherlands

Editorial Coordinator
Cristian San Felipe Maestre, Project Coordinator, IBFD, the Netherlands

Sophie Witteveen, IBFD, the Netherlands

Submission Guidelines and Review Process

Our authors are mainly drawn from the worldwide community of tax academics, policymakers and tax professionals, in addition to IBFD staff.

  • A special effort is made to enable young authors to publish their work, provided that they meet the editorial standards.
  • Submissions are subject to a rigorous internal board review. 
  • The process can be made anonymous in the form of double-blind peer review at the request of the submitting authors. This applies in particular to authors with an academic affiliation, meaning the vast majority of published studies to date have undergone such review. 
  • Submissions concerning a single jurisdiction are not accepted unless the submission demonstrates equal or similar application to other jurisdictions or is of clear relevance to an international audience.
  • Manuscripts should preferably be between 10,000 and 30,000 words and should be in English. The submitted manuscript should include an abstract of approximately 150 to 250 words and a table of contents. Citations should follow IBFD house style and our Style and Spelling Guidelines.
  • All submissions will be run through plagiarism check software in accordance with the Plagiarism Policy.  

Please contact the editors for submissions and further enquiries.


Ethics and disclosure

ITAXS subscribes to the publishing industry’s best practices and guidance as provided by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and detailed in the IBFD Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement, supporting efforts to eliminate plagiarism.

Information on copyright transfer, self-archiving and the use and reproduction of the final work may be found under Authors & Contributors.


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