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At IBFD, we’ve been playing a key role in assisting governments and tax administrations to meet challenges in taxation for decades. We provide technical assistance and advice covering the total realm of taxation – policy, legislation and administration. Our services are invaluable in helping ministries of finance and tax administrations comply with international standards, carry out tax reforms and build the tax knowledge and skills of their staff.





Our independent position means you can rest assured that we are a trusted and reliable partner. We reinforce this relationship of trust by not engaging in private sector work, in order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.




Our Experts

We bring together a world of knowledge. Our international tax experts have vast experience of working with the public sector. We combine international best practices with local knowledge of your country’s specific context to create added value. So, you gain a global perspective grounded in local know-how.

Gain a global and local perspective:

  • Network spanning over 40 countries
  • Far-reaching experience and expertise in tax law, international taxation and tax administration matters
  • Global perspective with in-depth knowledge of your local context

With IBFD, you have access to a wealth of information reflecting our role as the world’s foremost authority on cross-border taxation for nearly 85 years.

Our vast sources of information include:

  • Comprehensive online information collections
  • The IBFD Library and Information Centre – the world’s largest international tax library 
  • Books, journal articles, country tax guides, tables and more – valuable information resources unrivalled in terms of topics, scope and accuracy   

Our multidisciplinary team of tax experts are distinctive through the depth and breadth of their knowledge. Leaders in their fields, they are passionate about their subject matter and about sharing their expertise with you to make a real difference.

You have access to experts specializing in:


International Taxation
  • Tax treaties
  • Tax treaty negotiations
  • Transfer pricing
  • International tax planning
  • International tax audit
  • Taxation of natural resources and the extractive industry
  • Taxation and the digital economy
  • BEPS and MLI


Domestic tax policy and legislation
  • Transfer pricing legislation
  • Corporate taxation
  • Individual taxation
  • Legal writing and drafting of tax legislation
  • Taxation of natural resources and the extractive industry
  • Transparency, disclosure and compliance


Tax Administration
  • Tax investigation and money laundering
  • Transfer pricing
  • Legal drafting
  • Organizational aspects of tax administrations
  • Building training curriculums


Our Services

We support governments and tax administrations with a range of services. Developing and reforming tax policy, drafting primary and secondary legislation, capacity building and training – whatever your needs, our tailor-made solutions support you every step of the way.


Developing tax policy:
  • Researching and proposing different tax scenarios and their impact on the economy
  • Developing tax policy frameworks in accordance with good governance
  • Aligning tax reforms to international trends


Drafting legislation:
  • Adjusting legislation to international standards
  • Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the tax laws and testing their implementation
  • Aligning tax measures to domestic legal acts


Capacity building
  • Developing institutional settings
  • Realizing workable organizational structures
  • Assisting in reorganizing processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Assessing the organization’s needs based on different key areas and proposing measures for improvement


  • Providing customized programmes tailored to your needs
  • Facilitating standard tax training through IBFD’s International Tax Training
  • Organizing study visits for various ministries and revenue administrations


Addressing issues
  • Examining issues pertaining to tax planning, tax avoidance, tax evasion and money laundering
  • Exploring the key aspects of transparency, disclosure and compliance
  • Looking in-depth at BEPS and MLI developments



Assessment Tool for Tax Authorities


Recent developments in the international tax community are transforming how tax administrations operate. These changes impact the strategic and operational areas of tax policy and administration that are crucial for the effectiveness of tax administrations. We’ve developed TAx-Ray to equip you to meet these challenges. TAx-Ray is a diagnostic tool that carries out a needs analysis and enables tax authorities to measure progress.

The TAx-Ray assessment has a broad scope so that governments and tax administrations worldwide can benefit from this resource.  

IBFD’s TAx-Ray solution gives you a powerful tool that:

  • Performs a needs analysis
  • Enables tax authorities to evaluate progress
  • Features a comprehensive scope so governments worldwide can benefit


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Education is at the heart of our unique offerings for government services. Our training solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and take your country’s development and economic context into account. With an optimum mix of theory and practice, participants will gain new knowledge and insights that they can apply in their daily practice.

Our government services training programmes unlock a world of knowledge, including:

  • A choice of classroom, online courses, webinars and blended learning
  • Optimum mix of theory and practice
  • Aligned to your needs and country context

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Tailored Training

We offer training programmes that are fully customized to meet your organization’s needs.

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I sincerely attest to the fact that IBFD is one of the best training providers with regard to tax education. Their method of subject presentation, availability of learning materials and relevant expertise in this field is second to none.

Malamin Jatta, Senior Tax Officer, Gambia Revenue Authority