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Turn to IBFD for a diverse range of professional training options. Our training programmes leverage our trusted expertise to provide you with valuable learning experiences that will propel your professional development. You’ll receive training from leading experts in their fields and will learn through a practical, skills-based approach. Our training options span the spectrum of specialized topics, from tax treaties and tax structuring to transfer pricing and indirect taxation. Discover our range of training and tap into the power of world-class learning.


Online Training and Certification

IBFD Certification


Our IBFD Certification programmes give you as a tax professional the opportunity to gain a qualification from a leading independent foundation dedicated to offering the highest-quality education in international tax. Tailored to your needs in practice, our certification programmes equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to fulfil your role with confidence.


IBFD Advanced
Professional Certificate
in Transfer Pricing – I

Registration for the next APCTP-1 programme will re-open soon. Watch this space for updates. For more information, please contact us via email.

The IBFD Advanced Professional Certificate in Transfer Pricing (APCTP-I) is a unique qualification for tax professionals who wish to be able to manage Transfer Pricing (TP) issues, retain their competitive edge and ultimately be recognized globally as professional experts in this field. This intermediate-level programme is carefully designed to meet the needs of all the professionals who are working in TP and wish to deal with complexities around this topic.

IBFD Advanced Professional Certificate in International Taxation (APCIT)

This 6-month training course lets you as a tax professional gain the expertise you need to operate effectively in the field of cross-border taxation. You’ll build a solid understanding of international taxation and explore the most recent global developments in this dynamic field. This international taxation course combines online courses, webinars and case studies to create a multifaceted programme. You acquire up-to-date insights that you can put into practice in your day-to-day work.



Embrace self-directed learning and stay current. IBFD webinars are nuggets of IBFD expertise. Offered every 3 weeks. 

International Online Tax Courses

Our diverse portfolio of International Tax Courses covers topics including tax treaties, tax structuring, transfer pricing and indirect taxation. Making use of continually updated course materials, you’ll acquire topical and relevant insights and practicable knowledge.

International Tax Courses

Our range of classroom-based International Tax Courses focuses on subjects including tax treaties, tax structuring, transfer pricing and indirect taxation. The instructors are experienced educators and leaders in their fields. You’ll gain hands-on knowledge in a highly interactive and engaging way.


IBFD Tailored Tax Courses

Our tailored tax courses offer your organization a range of benefits. These training programmes are fully customized to meet your organization’s needs. You will enjoy maximum flexibility and convenience as the courses can be provided online, on-site or at the venue of your choice.  Our tailored courses are designed according to your training needs, combining international best practices, country specific context, and including interactive components like case studies and expert interviews. All instructors are highly experienced and selected according to their international standing and expertise. 

IBFD experts can work with you to develop a programme with clear learning objectives for your staff. Our tailored tax courses are available for organizations with a minimum of 15 participants. Please find here a number of tailored tax courses we have delivered recently. 

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Government Services

IBFD has far-reaching experience and expertise in supporting governments and tax authorities in shaping their tax systems and reforming their processes. This unique standing is why many government bodies turn to us for training programmes to underpin these developments. We fulfil these training needs through our range of topic-based courses and by developing tailored solutions.


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Advanced Master's in International Tax Law (LLM)

As per the start of the academic year 2022/23, the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) will discontinue their cooperation on the Advanced Master's in International Tax Law. The University of Amsterdam will then assume sole responsibility for the LLM programme and intends to continue to offer it under the accreditation granted under Dutch higher education regulations.

We are very proud to have established a world-class programme together. The University of Amsterdam and IBFD will otherwise continue their long-standing relationship outside the framework of the Advanced Master, both at the institutional level and through individual staff.


University of Amsterdam

International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation