Advanced Professional Certificate in Transfer Pricing - 1

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The IBFD Advanced Professional Certificate in Transfer Pricing (APCTP-I) is a unique qualification for tax professionals who wish to be able to manage transfer pricing issues, retain their competitive edge and ultimately be recognized globally as professional experts in this field. The programme is also a time and cost-effective solution for organizations that wish to equip their employees with expertise in transfer pricing from a reputable international organization.

Overview and learning objectives:

The programme is designed to be followed online over a 6-month period, and consists of a selection of IBFD online courses. Once the programme as a whole is completed, you will receive a professional certificate of acknowledgement from IBFD, as a reputable international organization, that you have followed a rigorous transfer pricing learning regime, and you will hence achieve recognition by the international tax community.

It consists of four online courses, guiding you on Transfer Pricing at the intermediate level with practical application in respect of:

  • Transfer Pricing and Intangibles
  • Transfer Pricing and Intra-Group Financing
  • Transfer Pricing and Intra-Group Services
  • Benchmarking and Valuation

After following the certificate programme, a tax professional will be able to:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the guidance of international organizations, legislation and case law related to intra-group financing and their implications for their day-to-day practice
  • Determine a chargeable service, arm’s length remuneration, cost sharing and contribution arrangements, and MNE and tax authorities perspective
  • Find comparables for different type of transactions and various comparability adjustments, focus on case law decisions based on comparability analysis, as well as analyze issues in different regions
  • Identify intangibles and the importance of Intangible Property (IP) in Global Value Chains, IP structuring and attribution of intangible related returns

Components of training

The certification programme is divided into 4 online courses that further consist of several modules.

Each module has following components: 

  • Videos: 3-5 videos per module
  • Case-studies: 1-2 per module
  • Assignments and Assessments:  2 assessments for each specialised field 
  • Reading material: for each module

In order to be awarded the IBFD Advanced Professional Certificate in Transfer Pricing, you will need to complete the final assessments and obtain a passing grade of at least 60%, as well as view the videos and submit the case study assignments. See our FAQ for more details.

Who should participate

The programme is especially suited for tax professionals who wish to gain a comprehensive and practical understanding of the complex world of transfer pricing, specifically in the areas of intra-group financing and services, benchmarking and valuation and intangibles.

The course is open to all, however it would be highly beneficial for those who have fundamental knowledge in transfer pricing and: 

  • are working in any of the following fields: tax, law, accounting, finance, treasury, controlling with any corporate, MNE, accounting firms or tax advisories 
  • professionals who wish to expand their knowledge base in these fields

Prerequisites/ Advance preparation

No advance preparation is necessary before the start of this programme

Delivery format


Study time

The programme must be completed within 6 months and can be followed and completed by dedicating a minimum of 5 hours of study per week.
Study materials included in the programme will be accessible for 6 months only (the duration of the programme).

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

IBFD International Online Tax Courses, in many cases, qualify for CPE credits pursuant to the rules of a number of professional associations. Participants are encouraged to check with their professional and/or national associations to determine eligibility in this respect.

Based on the hours of study, this programme as a whole will be eligible for at least 33 CPE points/credits.


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