Our Clients


We work with a wide range of clients – from governments, Fortune 500 companies, international organizations and consultancies to international courts, judges, tax advisers, academics and other individuals. Our tailor-made research services will help you find the best solutions to your taxation needs.



We provide confidential impartial consultancy and support to governments and tax administrations around the world, supplying technical assistance in tax reform. Our deep understanding of tax issues and knowledge of our clients’ cultural contexts helps them achieve their goals.


Corporate Clients

We provide tax information and knowledge to several leading multinational organizations. From Fortune 500 companies to small international consultancy firms, our clients benefit from the complete coverage of international taxation supplied by our unique products and tailor-made information services.


Tax Advisers

Our information services to tax advisers cover a wide range of tax disciplines, helping them excel in an industry of rapid change. Our knowledge and experience of cross-border taxation make us the ideal service partner for your tax-related information needs.



We foster outstanding research in the field of international taxation and provide our tax community with the most in-depth and updated research. With our partners in prestigious universities, scientific institutions and international organizations all over the world, we develop collaborative research projects, publications, lectures, conferences and workshops.


Courts & Judges

We nurture domestic and international studies, knowledge and guidance in the application of tax treaties and law. Our work supports judiciaries in the face of tax-related law cases and provides essential information in the rapidly evolving context of international tax law.



Our tax experts and resources provide you with authoritative, up-to-date information on individual income taxation, and are especially helpful for high-net-worth individuals and for wealth planning.