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IBFD’s Tax Research Services and Data Solutions let you tap into the knowledge of our network of leading tax experts in 100 countries for tailor-made solutions to your information and data needs. As the home of international taxation, we’re uniquely positioned to conduct bespoke research on national and international tax issues and to deliver tax data solutions giving you optimum reliability.  



Research Services and Data Solutions tailored to your needs 

Does your international organization, government or tax administration need to address specific tax and data issues that are not covered by standardized solutions? We fulfil this need at IBFD by providing a bespoke service that draws on our unparalleled expertise and resources:

  • Network of international tax experts and tax professionals spanning 100 countries
  • IBFD’s independent position on international tax issues makes us a unique partner for governments, international organizations, ministries and tax administrations
  • Access to the world’s largest collection of tax literature, journal articles, books and historical archives


2023 B.A.T. Uganda Report

We are proud to share this report, published with the consent of the Ugandan tax authorities. Click here.

Tax Research Services

Exclusively available for governments and international organizations. Thanks to our independent position and our experts around the world, we are a unique partner for carrying out research on tax policies, legislation and practices. We do not offer tax advice, but instead provide you with insights to address your national and international tax issues – confidently, prudently and effectively.

Get bespoke research solutions that enable you to act with confidence:

  • Expert tax opinions: Independent, research-based technical opinions on international tax issues
  • Comparative surveys: Multi-country research studies giving you the facts and information for well-founded decision-making
  • Country-specific research: In-depth analyses of tax policies and legislation

Turn to the leader in independent research with a proven track record of serving clients in various sectors:

  • Ministries and tax authorities from around the world
  • International organizations such as the European Commission


Data Solutions that put reliability first

Today tax issues form an integral part of your day-to-day business operations. Complex systems use data from various sources, amongst which tax rates and conditions. Non-tax technical professionals operate these systems in their daily work. IBFD collects, interprets, formats and updates tax data for such systems. Our offering stands out thanks to the outstanding reliability of the data we provide. This reliability is crucial given the huge risks incurred if incorrect data is used. We work closely with our clients based on long-term arrangements to provide this critical service.

Our Data Solutions set the standard in reliable tax data processing:

  • Maximum reliability
  • Long-term arrangements
  • Enabling tax data to be utilized for effective day-to-day operations