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Academic Activities

Here you can read about events, congresses and other initiatives in which IBFD and its Academic Department are directly involved.

In-House Activities


Annual Congress

The IBFD Academic Department convenes two annual international congresses devoted to critical topics in the areas of international, European and comparative taxation. Speakers are selected from the top experts in the international tax community with regard to their specialist experience in the relevant subject areas.

These congresses are open to a general audience. Due to the capacity of the venue, registration is normally required in advance.


Read more about previous congresses:
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Research Students Meetings

Since 2001, the IBFD Academic Department has hosted (bi-) annual meetings of doctoral students writing a thesis on a subject in comparative, international or European taxation. In 2012, the scope of these meetings was expanded to include also postdoctoral researchers. Many successful researchers consider these meetings a landmark in their projects, as they provide participants with a unique opportunity to meet doctoral candidates and scholars from around the world. The meetings take place at the IBFD premises in Amsterdam.

The meetings are structured into a number of sessions, which typically run over 2 to 3 days. These sessions provide doctoral and postdoctoral researchers with the opportunity to discuss their research with leading academics and a select circle of colleagues, and receive tailored coaching to provide useful insights. The unique setting at IBFD also enables participants to build and increase their network of international contacts.

Admission is through application. All interested researchers should submit a short CV and a synopsis of their research. Participation is free of charge, but participants are expected to arrange for their own travel and accommodation.

Tax Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Every 2 weeks, IBFD organizes an internal seminar where interesting topics on cross-border or domestic taxation are discussed. The topic is introduced by a speaker (which can be a member of our staff or a guest) and afterwards there is a small Q&A and brainstorming session.

The Academic Department has been actively engaged from the very beginning in the development of the new institutional framework of the Tax Knowledge Sharing sessions. As well as providing support in planning: i) Prof. Jan de Goede (Chair) and Dr João Nogueira (Academic Secretary) are also members of the TKS Implementation Group; ii) The Academic Chairman is, ex officio, and together with the Director of Tax Services and the Director of the Knowledge Centre, a member of the TKS Supervisory Board; these meetings are chaired by Prof. Jan de Goede.

External Activities

The IBFD Academic Department is also involved in a wide array of stand-alone or recurring academic activities. Among the recurring ones are the following:

IBFD-KU Leuven Moot Court Competition

IBFD supports the University of Leuven in the organization of the European and International Tax Moot Court Competition. In June 2013, IBFD and KU Leuven signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to consolidate the cooperation between the institutions, which had taken place for several years without any formal agreement.

Every year, sixteen teams of up to four students take part in this exciting experience. Firstly, students have to examine an hypothetical case and submit written memoranda, on behalf of the taxpayer and on behalf of the tax administration. Afterwards, and already in Leuven, they have to plead twice: once on behalf of the taxpayer and the second time on behalf of the tax administration. The six best ranked teams pass to the second qualification phase, where they have to plead the same case twice (again, on behalf of the taxpayer and of the tax authorities). The two highest ranked teams pass to the final, where they have about 36 hours to prepare oral pleadings on a totally new case. The pleadings take place before real tax judges, who assess which team should be the winner of the competition.

Other external conferences and seminars

IBFD Academic is also actively engaged in external scientific activities. Members of our team are regularly invited to present the results of their research in conferences, seminars and other scientific meetings across the globe.