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Free webinars on international taxation

Watch a free webinar and get a taste of what IBFD Webinars can offer you!

Note: The presentations mentioned during the free webinars are no longer available for download.

Webinar: Recent International Case Law on Permanent Establishment 

Gain a brief overview of the latest and most important international cases on permanent establishments (PEs). After following this webinar, you will be able to:

  • identify key risk factors that might lead to the finding of a PE
  • interpret and define the scope of the PE provisions, according to good international practices
  • gain knowledge about the latest international cases on PEs, their relevance and practical implications
  • apply the guidance laid down by tax administrations, courts and international organizations in solving these cases
  • compare and contrast the European Commission’s proposal on taxation of digital business activities and the OECD’s new guidance on PE profit attribution


Webinar: Managing Tax Disputes in Europe

Learn about the different means of managing double tax disputes arising from cross-border business operations in Europe. After following this webinar, you will be able to:

  • compare the different ways of dispute resolution (based on domestic law, EU Directive, Arbitration Convention and double tax treaty)
  • appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of the different means of dispute resolution
  • understand the context, background and interrelationship between them
  • apprehend the impact of BEPS Action 14 on dispute resolution under double tax treaties
  • interpret dispute resolution under the new EU Directive


Webinar: US Tax Reform – Implications for the Rest of the World

This interactive webinar focuses on the international aspects of the US tax reform provisions. After following this webinar, you will be able to:

  • interpret the scope of international aspects of the US tax reform provisions
  • identify key risk factors that non-US multinationals might face in developing US inbound tax planning following the reform 
  • ascertain core considerations in US outbound structures
  • gain knowledge about practical implications of the reform and its impact on cross-border transactions 
  • evaluate new tax planning strategies that can mitigate the unfavourable impact of the reform on the group structure and tax positions 


Webinar series: Managing European Tax Position for US MNEs

Learn how global developments by the OECD and European Union influence the domestic developments in major European countries. We give special attention to domestic measures that are relevant for the tax structuring of multinational enterprises, including outbound activities of US multinational enterprises (MNEs) in Europe. The topics of discussion include, for example, each country’s position on BEPS and the EU ATAD, and the effect of those changes on investment.

Webinar Part 1: Managing European Tax Position for US MNEs: Netherlands and Switzerland


Webinar Part 2: Managing European Tax Position for US MNEs: Ireland and Luxembourg