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Academic Cooperation

Academic Cooperation

As an organization with an international scope, cooperation is of key importance to IBFD. In order to support this, IBFD Academic has established cooperation agreements with select universities and research institutions throughout the world. The main goal is to stimulate research and teaching in international, European and comparative taxation. Partners are selected taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • objective credentials evidencing involvement in high-profile, competitive research projects;
  • commitment to delivering quality research and teaching activities;
  • active engagement in publications in European or international tax law; and
  • academic excellence in individual and collaborative (frontier) research.

IBFD Academic strives to create hubs for cooperation in academic activities based on a geographical focus as well. We are especially focused on interacting with academic institutions operating in developing countries. This is intended to allow IBFD to contribute to its mission of disseminating knowledge on international tax law in line with the needs of such countries.

Cooperation with IBFD will enable partner institutions to access IBFD publications via the Tax Research Platform and other subscription services. In addition, it will be possible to create new forms of cooperation such as developing courses, seminars and other academic meetings. 

Currently, we have formal cooperation agreements with the following institutions:

University of California, Irvine, School of Law
University of Cape Town, South Africa
University of Lausanne, Switzerland
University of Lodz, Poland
Ural State Law University, Yekaterinburg
Renmin University, China
KU Leuven, Belgium (regarding the organization of the IBFD-KU Leuven Moot Court Competition)
University of São Paulo
University of Suor Orsola Benincasa, Italy ​ 

Scientific institutions/associations

International organizations

Objectives and Eligibility

IBFD is committed to making its stimulating research environment accessible to all qualified persons involved in research in the areas of international, comparative and European taxation. In particular, visiting researchers have the opportunity to access the outstanding IBFD research facilities and to interact with a broad spectrum of scholars and researchers.

Eligibility for a stay as a Visiting Researcher is open to all graduate-level students, faculty members engaged in research in the areas mentioned above and professors taking their sabbatical year. Applications from researchers with a legal, economic, business or interdisciplinary background will be considered on an equal basis.

When, for How Long and How to Apply

Applications are considered all year round, and research stays may be for periods of between two weeks and one year. Once a one-year term has expired, it will be possible to apply for an extension. It is also possible to arrange multiple shorter stays. Please note that research stays not exceeding two weeks fall outside of the scope of the Visiting Researcher Programme.

Applications submitted for this programme should include a brief cover letter outlining the reasons for and objectives of the research stay, a short curriculum vitae and an outline of the research project (one page maximum) to be done at IBFD, together with the desired dates for the research stay. All documents should be sent to (we will acknowledge receipt within two working days, outside holiday seasons).

Available Facilities

Visiting researchers will be assigned a work station in IBFD’s library, which includes dedicated access to a desktop computer connected to the internet, the IBFD Tax Research Platform, the internal library catalogue and printers. Prints and downloads will be charged in accordance with the applicable fees. In addition, please note that making use of the services offered in the Library is connected with the payment of an annual service fee (currently €5.00).  

Interaction with IBFD Academic 

While the Visiting Researcher Programme is primarily meant as an unsupervised term of individual research, accepted visitors will have the opportunity to interact with IBFD’s Professor in Residence, postdoctoral researchers and other IBFD researchers. In addition, visiting researchers may be (at their request previous to their arrival) mentored or supervised by one of our tax researchers specializing in the visitor’s areas of interest. IBFD also organizes bi-weekly presentations on topics on taxation matters of broad and current interest by different types of speakers (including scholars, practitioners, staff of MNE's, tax authorities, judges, politicians, etc.), denominated Tax Knowledge Sharing or TKS. The sessions are only open to IBFD researchers and to visiting researchers


There is no charge for the Visiting Researcher Programme, and IBFD does not grant funding or insurance to its visiting researchers. However, as an academic institution, IBFD can be (and has been) elected as a research destination for a variety of European and international programmes promoting the mobility of graduate students and researchers.

Another possibility for funding a research stay is via the applicant’s home university, home government or national office for research. IBFD Academic will do its best to support such applications. If you have any further questions, please send an email to with the subject line "Visiting Researcher Programme".

IFA Researcher

Each year, the International Fiscal Association (IFA) selects a researcher to perform studies on topics to be dealt with at future IFA Congresses.

The research is conducted under the direction of the Permanent Scientific Committee of IFA, more specifically the Research Subcommittee. The results of the research conducted are for the use of the local IFA branch organizing the Congress in a particular year. The researcher is usually engaged for the period 1 August-1 March. 

The IFA researcher is officially employed by IFA. IBFD provides office space, access to its library and database, and mentoring/supervision.

In addition, IBFD cooperates with IFA Latam to welcome and provide the IFA Latam researcher with the tools and assistance to study and develop researches on the topics of each year’s IFA conferences. Supervision of the IFA researcher is made jointly by members of IFA Latam and the Academic department.