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Tax Research Services

Tax research 

IBFD offers research services on national and international tax issues to governments, international organizations and corporates. IBFD values its independent position and does not offer tax advice. Our research services therefore do not cover specific taxpayer positions.

Every request is carefully scoped and handled by our internal tax experts from over 40 countries, where necessary in consultation with our global network of tax professionals, situated in over 100 countries worldwide.

IBFD’s independent position on international tax issues around the globe makes us a unique partner for governments and international organizations looking for comparative research, spillover studies, tax policy assessments and more.

Our clients include many ministries and tax authorities from all over the world, as well as international organizations like the European Commission.

For a number of multinationals, IBFD collects, interprets and provides tailored tax information from around the world. Our pool of international tax experts, using information from official sources, keeps our clients on top of developments around the world and ensures that our clients work with the latest updated figures and tax rates.

Tax data solutions
Tax is no longer the exclusive domain of the tax department. It has also become a serious factor in daily business decisions. All kinds of systems have been developed to allow non-tax functions to include tax aspects in their daily operations. IBFD collects, interprets, formats and regularly updates tax data for such systems. Examples are the data solution services that we render for the financial services industry and for global mobility service providers.

Financial services industry
For the financial services industry, IBFD supplies tax information on different types of investment income derived from structured financial products. We investigate the domestic and treaty withholding tax rates for portfolio corporate dividends and interest on corporate and government bonds, covering payments streamed from different jurisdictions to different types of clients, such as individuals, corporate entities, pension funds and investment funds, located in different jurisdictions worldwide. IBFD also examines residence country tax treatment for different types of income. IBFD adopts a best-judgement approach to determining which domestic rates would most likely apply in different countries.

Global mobility
For many years, IBFD has successfully supported global mobility service providers by regularly delivering data and in-depth information on the tax treatment of assignees and expatriates, thus enabling them to provide their clients with accurate and up-to-date information.