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Government Consultancy

About our government consultancy services

IBFD supports governments and tax administrations around the world with technical assistance for their tax reform process. Our experience covers a wide range of policy, legislative and administrative issues helping government organizations to comply with international standards in an effective and efficient way.


Advising, training and development for tax authorities

IBFD has vast experience with establishing equitable, efficient and up-to-date tax systems and administrations in African, Asian, Central and Eastern European and Latin American countries. We apply our in-depth insight into tax issues and knowledge of the cultural context of our clients, and consider investment in human resources of paramount importance for tax authorities to successfully achieve their organizational goals.
Video presentation of IBFD's Government Consultancy Services:



Qualities of IBFD's government consultancy services


  • Global tax expertise:

    As the world's foremost authority on cross-border taxation, IBFD has access to a wealth of resources on international trends, practices and leading concepts.
  • Independent:

    IBFD is an independent not-for-profit organization that does not engage in private sector advisory work, nor in political activities on behalf of project sponsors.Therefore conflicts between private and public interests are avoided.
  • Demand-driven:

    Each project is exclusively tailored to client requirements and their specific and unique needs. Our methodology is adjusted with respect to the clients' working methods and cultural context.
  • International partnerships:

    IBFD maintains permanent and ad hoc relationships with firms, providing complementary services for multidisciplinary projects.
  • Sustainable:

    We advocate local and/or regional ownership and are devoted to a full transfer of know-how.
Examples of demands handled by IBFD's Government Consultancy Services: