Tax Research Platform Enhancements and Launches 2022/23

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2022 New products and content enhancements

New: OECD Pillar One now covered in our Digital Taxation Monitor

Addresses per country their position and implementation of the Pillar One solution and their commitments regarding unilateral measures. This unique resource already provides information on direct and indirect unilateral digital taxes for over 70 countries and more will follow soon!

Enhancement: Taxation of the Digitalized Economy

Our revamped tax dossier on the tax challenges of the digitalized economy provides the latest on OECD Pillars One and Two. To make it easier to find the information you need, there are also links to original reports, news, journal articles and other background documentation for:

  • Pillar One: Reallocation of taxing rights
  • Pillar Two: Global Anti-Base Erosion rules
  • EU implementation of Pillars One and Two

New: DAC6 /DAC7 Compliance Tables

Provides comprehensive guidance on the DAC6 rules for reporting potentially aggressive cross-border tax planning arrangements and highlights the deviations in the implementation of those rules across EU Member States. Soon to be extended with a separate section on the DAC7 rules for reporting on income earned through digital platforms.

Enhancement: DAC6 - DAC7 Implementation Status

Our revamped tax dossier contains a new section about the implementation of mandatory disclosure rules for cross-border services offered through digital platforms amongst EU Member States (DAC7).

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Enhancement: Global Tax Treaty Commentaries – Country Policy and Practice

Currently covers 26 countries. By revealing the hidden model in the country’s treaty practice, it allows you to analyse deviations per OECD and UN Model article. Recently, we added chapters on Portugal, South Africa and Finland. Treaty network analysis chapters for Greece, Panama, Türkiye and the United States are in the pipeline.

New: Commentary on EU Direct Tax

Covers the general rules and practical applications of the various EU Directives and initiatives on direct tax rules.


Enhancement: Integrated text of the EU VAT Directive

Enhanced with cross-references to the Implementing Regulation and the renowned commentaries of the European VAT Directives.

Enhancement: Holding Companies collection expanded and restructured

Our Holding Companies chapters have been updated with a more up-to-date and complete outline. The tax law section, which deals with the taxation of the entire life cycle of a holding company from the first capital contribution to the final liquidation, has been significantly enhanced with new content, such as:

  • Tax treatment of IP income
  • Taxation of outbound interest and royalties
  • Domestic implementation of the Multilateral Instrument (MLI)
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Coming Soon! Key content and functionality enhancements you can look forward to


Search support panel expansion with questions and answers

As part of our goal to provide tax professionals with quick answers to questions they face in their international tax practice, we have expanded our free-text search support panel with quick access to common questions on direct tax and transfer pricing documentation requirements. This will be expanded soon with additional questions regarding BEPS and Digital Taxation.


Relaunch of TNS email settings option

As a subscriber to our Tax News Service (TNS) or to a product or package that contains TNS, you will soon be able to select your preferred topics and/or countries and regions to customize the TNS email reports to your interests and needs.


Improvements to US state tax information

Our US subnational Key Features have been expanded with coverage of the nexus rules and we will launch entirely rewritten US state tax chapters on individual taxation.


Release of improved MLI notifications and editorial alert notices in treaties

Covered tax agreements affected by the MLI will contain a notice about the PPT/SLOB applicability. More in general, all alert boxes with relevant information about the applicability of the MLI will be shown more prominently.


Improved Topic Search selection filter

We have enhanced the IBFD taxonomy, which makes using the Topic Search selection filter even more effective when searching for relevant information on our IBFD Platform.


Improved action and comparison functionality

The navigation and outline filter functionality of the Table comparisons will be merged to make them easier to use. We also plan to introduce outline filter functionality in side-by-side views. This should be really helpful for zooming in on the same aspect in a tax system across countries.


Compare historic versions of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines

This tool will allow you to compare the last four historic versions of the guidelines and search for topics and specific sections in the guidelines from 1998 up to the present.

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