Selected Recent Cases in Brief: European Union

- Judgment: C-134/97, Victoria Film A/S - Judgment: C-149/97, Institute of the Motor Industry and Commissioners of Customs and Excise - Judgment: C-85/97, Société Financière d'Investissements SPRL (SFI) and Belgian State - Judgment: C-381/97, Belgocodex SA and Belgian State - Judgment: C-247/97, Schoonbroodt SA and Belgian State - Opinion: C-216/97, J. Gregg and M. Gregg v. Commissioners of Customs and Excise - Action: C-338/98, Commission of the European Communities against the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Preliminary question: Case C-384/98, D. (a minor) v. W. on appeal by the -Österreichischer Bundesschatz - Preliminary question: Case C-396/98, Grundstückgemeinschaft Schloßstraße GbR v. Finanzamt Paderborn - Preliminary question: C-400/98, Finanzamt Goslar v. Brigitte Breitsohl - Preliminary question: Case C-408/98, Abbey National plc against Commissioners of Customs Excise