International Effective Minimum Taxation – The GLOBE Proposal

The Inclusive Framework of the OECD/G20 currently discusses the internationally coordinated introduction of effective minimum taxes on multinational firm profits. This so-called GLOBE (global anti-base erosion) proposal is inspired by the GILTI and BEAT regimes of the 2017 US tax reform. It calls for the implementation of both income inclusion rules that would resemble very broad CFC regimes and switch-over clauses, and deduction barriers or withholding taxes for undertaxed payments in the source country. In this article, the authors make three distinct contributions. First, the authors discuss the policy rationale for the minimum tax, its advantages and potential problems. Second, the authors analyse important features of tax design, i.e. the technical dimension of the tax. Third, the authors examine the proposal in the legal and economic context of the complementary proposals that are currently under discussion (the “Pillar 1” proposals for a reallocation of taxing rights) and its compatibility with tax treaty law and EU treaty law.