Tax Risk Management

From Risk to Opportunity

Tax Risk Management
In response to a number of large corporate failures, risk management has recently become a major consideration for most organizations. At the same time, taxation has been recognized as an area having its own unique risk profiles.

Why this book?

Tax Risk Management: From Risk to Opportunity provides a practical guide for those working in today’s ever-changing corporate environment. This book contains an introduction to tax risk management and discussions on the tax control framework that allow corporate tax departments to identify and manage companies’ tax-related risks. The book also includes country chapters, which provide practical examples of the development and application of tax control frameworks.

The book is an essential reference for anyone operating in the current corporate world. By providing a better understanding of the complex issues of tax risk and its effective management, the book will assist tax authorities, legislators, tax practitioners and tax directors in their daily practice.


Sample excerpt, including table of contents


Anuschka Bakker, Sander Kloosterhof


Clarisse Amadieu-Le Claire, Janet M. Anderson, Ryan Angell, Kanji Ariyasu, Anuschka Bakker, Belinda Chan, Tim Cox, Koen De Grave, James Egert, Eelco van der Enden, Daniel N. Erasmus, David Francescucci, Marie-Noël Fredette, Judith Freedman, Jos de Groot, Terri Grosselin, Koen van ‘t Hek, Robbert Hoyng, Mark Kennedy, Ashley King, Sander Kloosterhof, Christoph Kromer, Brigit Lucas, Alan MacPherson, Bas de Mik, Jennifer M. Moore, Damian Morrin, Stephen Nelson, Gregory Petolick, Hilary S. Richards, Eric van der Stroom, Hitoshi Takano.

Tax Risk Management: From Risk to Opportunity
Chapter 1 Introduction to Tax Risk Management
Chapter 2 Tax Control Framework
Chapter 3 Tax Accounting
Chapter 4 Tax Risk Management and Corporate Taxpayers – International Tax Administration Developments
Chapter 5 Australia
Chapter 6 Canada
Chapter 7 China
Chapter 8 France
Chapter 9 Germany
Chapter 10 Japan
Chapter 11 Mexico
Chapter 12 Netherlands
Chapter 13 Singapore
Chapter 14 South Africa
Chapter 15 United Kingdom
Chapter 16 United States
Chapter 17 Tax Risk Management – Look before You Leap and Be in Control