Tax and the Environment

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Tax and the Environment

Why this book?

This book highlights the opportunity to save taxes and the environment. It provides a thorough overview of both environmental taxes and tax incentives related to environmentally friendly investments and activities.

It starts with a general introduction into the principles of environmental taxation and then, by looking at a set of 13 countries, the book provides an analysis of tax measures in the field of direct and indirect taxation with regard to the environment. It concludes with a comparative overview of the tax measures in the countries discussed.


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Christina Akker, Anuschka Bakker, Charles van den Berg, Nicole Bryant, Paul de Chalain, Bill Cole, Bram Faber, Rahul Garg, Michelle Giraldi, Shally Gupta, Lars Henckel, Anna Hjelmstrom, Carlos Iacia, Fredrik Jonsson, Maria Karlsson, Howard Kazdan, Fred Klaassen, James Koch, Peter Merrill, Ramon Mullerat, R Muralidharan, Osamu Nakatsubo, Kumiko Nishiyama, Bret Oliver, Ajay Rastogi, Mark Schofield, Leanne Sereda, Norbert Tutsch, Peter Tylestam, Hartwig Welbers, Charles de Wet and Alan Wu.