Residence of Individuals under Tax Treaties and EC Law

Residence of Individuals under Tax Treaties and EC Law
This book deals comprehensively with the problems raised by residence of individuals for tax purposes.

Why this book?

This book begins with an overview of residence of individuals in private international law, with a particular emphasis on general principles on residence and conflict of law rules. It then examines issues raised by residence of individuals in EC (non-tax) law.

Individual country surveys provide in-depth analyses from a national viewpoint. The following countries are discussed: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.
This book is essential reading for all those dealing with issues of taxation of individuals in an international context.


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Guglielmo Maisto


Asatsuma Akiyuki, John Avery Jones, Philip Baker, Aagje Bellens, Kim Brooks, Veronika Daurer, Luc De Broe, Michael Dirkis, Stefano Dorigo, Augusto Fantozzi, James J. Fawcett, Anna Gunn, Jean Pierre Le Gall, Marika Lemos, Nicolas Message, Angelo Nikolakakis, Mercedes Nuñez Grañon, Thierry Obrist, Roland A. Pfister, Alexander Rust, Jacques Sasseville, Jonathan Schwarz, María Teresa Soler Roch, Ed Stuart and Jan Wouters.