IBFD International Tax Glossary, Seventh Revised Edition

IBFD International Tax Glossary, Seventh Revised Edition
This edition contains hundreds of new and revised terms, a list of tax courts and their location, and additional languages in the multilingual list of tax terms.

Why this book?

The IBFD International Tax Glossary is regarded as an authoritative resource for defining tax and tax-related terms by its thousands of users all over the world.

With the addition of hundreds of completely new and revised definitions, a new appendix outlining the various levels and locations of tax courts in 42 countries, as well as the expansion of the multilingual list to include Chinese, Polish, Portuguese and Russian terms, in addition to the existing Dutch, French, German and Spanish equivalents of English terms, this latest edition continues to provide users with the broadest possible coverage of the language of taxation.

Please note that this glossary is also available online, for free, on our Tax Research Platform.


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Julie Rogers-Glabush is the Editor of the IBFD International Tax Glossary. She was formerly a tax litigator for the Federal Department of Justice in Canada, eventually starting her own tax law firm, Rogers-Glabush Law Office in 2006. She has been doing projects with IBFD since 2000 and is currently also the Managing Editor of European Taxation and the country specialist for Canada.