Human Rights and Taxation in Europe and the World

Human Rights and Taxation in Europe and the World
This book examines the relation between taxation and the protection of human rights through the presentation of technical arguments and legal thoughts.

Why this book?

The increasing globalization and the restructuring of the European legal framework by the Treaty of Lisbon are important factors to suggest that the traditional separation of spheres between taxation and human rights should be revisited. This book examines the issues surrounding the impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the guarantee and enforcement of human rights in the area of EU (tax) law and explores the possible development and potential impact of human rights in the field of taxation in this age of global law.

GREIT Conference

The book is the outcome of the fifth annual conference of the GREIT (Group for Research on European and International Taxation) hosted in Florence in 2010. 


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Georg Kofler, Miguel Poiares Maduro and Pasquale Pistone


Robert Attard, Loïc Azoulai, Samantha Besson, Gianluigi Bizioli, Cécile Brokelind, Julie Cassidy, Roberto Cordeiro Guerra, Menita Giusy De Flora, Lorenzo del Federico, Augusto Silva Dias, Stefano Dorigo, Ana Paula Dourado,  Joachim Englisch, Theodoros P. Fortsakis, Daniel Gutmann,  Agostino Ennio La Scala, Raymond Luja, Richard Lyal, Guglielmo Maisto, Cristina Mauro, Katrien Meuwissen, Martha O’Brien, Natalia Quiñones Cruz, Jennifer Roeleveld, H. David Rosenbloom, César Alejandro Ruiz Jiménez, Daniel Sarmiento, Servaas van Thiel, Frans Vanistendael, Elena Variychuk, Danil V. Vinnitskiy, Jan Wouters, Adam Zalasinski.