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08 September 2021
New Products
US State Corporate Tax Chapters Relaunched

We’re excited to announce the significant expansion of US State Corporate Tax chapters! These include important updates – most notably the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Wayfair economic nexus standards at US state level.



10 September 2021
Press releases
We’re proud to introduce IBFD’s new website

IBFD is delighted to welcome you to our new website. We wanted to provide you with faster and easier access to a wealth of tax information and help you explore our diverse range of products and services. To achieve this, we’ve designed a website that is modern and intuitive, giving you a better user experience with easy-to-use menus and a clear structure.

20 September 2021
IBFD & Industry News
Advanced Master's in International Tax Law (LLM): Graduation Ceremony, Distinguished Lecture and Award Ceremony 2021

On 26 August, we had a double celebration at our Advanced Master. On the one hand, we commemorated the graduation of last year’s students, while on the other hand, we welcomed those who newly joined. This will already be the seventh edition of our Advanced LLM in International Tax Law, jointly offered by the IBFD and the University of Amsterdam. 

21 September 2021
IBFD & Industry News
Topic Search at document level

This handy document-level functionality allows users to find precise references to sections that cover certain topics.

For example, when you open the Country Analysis chapter on Corporate Taxation of Japan and want to find information on the withholding tax treatment for dividends, you can click the tab “Topics” and type in the search box “dividends

21 September 2021
IBFD & Industry News
Spotlight On Macau-Guangdong Cooperation

Insight from our Asia Pacific team

21 September 2021
IBFD & Industry News
IBFD – IFA LATAM Webinars, News on International Taxation and Its Impact in Latin America

This is the second edition of the joint initiative between IBFD and IFA LATAM aiming at discussing trending topics in international taxation, particularly those with an impact on Latin America. This is done in the framework of the en cooperation between IBFD and IFA LATAM, and the entire seminar will be conducted in the Spanish language. 

21 September 2021
IBFD & Industry News
Free Tax News Service Highlight - September 2021

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