Xiamen University wins 2023 GTTC Universities Project Competition

May 31, 2023
1 minute read

The 2023 GTTC Universities Project Competition is now complete! We are proud to announce, after careful evaluation (and a fierce contest), that the winner of the seventh edition of the GTTC Universities Project Competition is the Center for International Tax Law and Comparative Taxation at Xiamen University.

logos of ibfd and xiamen university

The Chinese team delivered an impressive research result, not only providing a detailed overview of China's treaty provisions on individuals, but also correlating their findings with the drivers of Chinese international tax policy. Sincere congratulations to the winning team.

The great expertise shown by all the teams was especially impressive, and this experience will surely be a valuable asset for all the students who participated. We would like to thank all the participating teams for their enthusiasm and hard work. Special thanks to the professors who acted as judges for dedicating so much time and effort to preserving the competition’s high standards.

The eighth edition of the GTTC Universities Project Competition will take place in June 2024. Stay tuned for updates!