Write with us on Ireland!

November 02, 2023
2 minutes read

Would you like to get international exposure and contribute to the international tax community? IBFD is looking for a new Ireland-focused author for the European Team to contribute to the update of the following country chapters:

  • Ireland Corporate Taxation Country Analysis
  • Ireland Individual Taxation Country Analysis
  • Ireland Business and Investment Income Country Survey
New Tax Risk Management Monitor

The first two chapters are part of our best-selling collection, that offer a comprehensive review of Ireland domestic tax system. The third chapter provides a snapshot of domestic business forms (company law) with basic information on investment incentives. 

The update of the first two chapters should be made by the author four times a year, while the last chapter will be only once.  

The author can take over the update of one or more chapters according to his capability and background. Thus, it is possible to have one or two authors covering the 3 chapters of Ireland. 

The chapters are already drafted and published in our website, thus the additional update that needs to be made by the author will not be overly burdensome. 


Benefits: besides the fees for the update (which is based on the contribution), the author can get access to our online publications. 


Should you be interested, please send a message or email to Mery Alvarado at m.alvarado@ibfd.org.