World Tax Journal Achieves Top Ranking by Finnish Publication Forum (JUFO)

January 25, 2024
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IBFD's World Tax Journal, a premier academic peer-reviewed journal dedicated to matters of international taxation, has been ranked at Level 3 (the highest ranking) by the Finnish Publication Forum (JUFO). This prestigious recognition places the journal among supreme-level publications in various disciplines. 

world tax journal

Supreme-level publication channels meet the following criteria:

  • Research in Level 3 publications demonstrates top-tier quality, evident through consistently impactful contributions measured by citation indicators
  • The channels provide comprehensive coverage of the discipline, going beyond narrow thematic discussions
  • Level 3 publications, with international readership and authorship, as well as editorial boards featuring leading researchers, hold high regard within the global research community
  • Publishing in these channels is highly appreciated among the international research community of the field

The World Tax Journal’s excellent citation scores emerging from its inclusion in Scopus and strong support from the academic community have played a pivotal role in securing this accolade.

Inclusion at this level reflects the high standard of the journal and its recognition as such by the academic community. It further assists Finnish tax academics publishing their research in the World Tax Journal with the highest weighting for such articles when research output is submitted by their universities for state funding. IBFD is proud to support the Finnish tax academic community through this recognition, and we look forward to receiving their submissions in the future.

This recognition follows the achievement and retention of the highest journal rankings also in ANVUR (Italy) and the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers, amongst others. The continued global recognition of the World Tax Journal as a world-class academic journal is an outward demonstration of the journal’s aim to disseminate respected and high-quality research in international tax law.

More information on the JUFO index and its evaluation mechanisms can be found at this link.

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