TRA Partners with IBFD for 'Train the Trainer II': Fostering Knowledge Management Amid Digital Transition

April 03, 2024
3 minutes read

In November 2023, the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) collaborated with the Capacity Building Department of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) to organize the "Train the Trainer" program in Arusha, Tanzania. Building on the success of this initiative, six participants were selected for the subsequent study visit, "Train the Trainer II –." The program was supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BUZA) under the IBFD-BUZA Capacity Building program for Developing Countries. The study visit aimed to transition training methods from traditional face-to-face sessions to online platforms, and share knowledge management practices. 


Led by Bart Kosters and Hermann Röschlau, the comprehensive program included sessions with the IBFD Online and Studio team, the library, IBFD Center for Studies in Africa Taxation (CSAT), the Knowledge Center, presentation skill coach Marieken Zeven, the Dutch Ministry of Finance, the Belastingdienst, and global Law firm DLA Piper hosted by the Netherlands office. Participants had the opportunity to engage with internal and external experts, discussing topics such as online training, portfolio development, and knowledge management.

Throughout the week, participants actively participated in studio recordings, interviews, and the creation of an introduction video for online lessons. These recordings were utilized in a presentation skills coaching session led by Marieken Zeven and Hermann Röschlau, resulting in positive feedback from participants who appreciated the valuable insights gained.

The success of the week-long program was attributed to the collaborative efforts of various IBFD departments for their invaluable support and contributions. Special thanks to Mr. Jeff Klein, Strategic Advisor International Affairs of the Dutch Ministry of Finance /DG Tax Administration and Mrs. Sorina van Kommer, International Head of Knowledge - Tax of DLA Piper for their involvement.

Overall, the study visit proved to be an enriching experience, fostering knowledge sharing, and collaboration among participants.