Pillar One Now Covered in Our Digital Taxation Monitor

January 13, 2022
5 minutes read

Covering the taxation of the digitalized economy in 60 countries, the Monitor now also addresses country positions on implementation of the Pillar One solution and the tax challenges that have arisen as a result.

Digital Taxation Monitor now on our Tax Research Platform (TRP)

Check upcoming implementation

In addition to the monitoring of direct unilateral and VAT measures, the digital taxation tables now have a specific section that covers countries’ positions regarding the global solution. Get a quick and practical overview of a country’s place in the current discussions, enabling you to monitor commitments made and their status over time.

The new section includes:

  • Signed multilateral statements and agreements
  • Specific transitory measures
  • Commitments made
  • Parallel agreements signed (such as the United States’ agreements with selected countries for a compromise on unilateral measures and additional tariffs)
  • Steps planned for removal of direct unilateral measures
  • Formal endorsements by governments of the global solution
  • Official justifications issued by countries not joining Pillar One

Check developments at the supranational level

Monitor developments at the level of the OECD, UN and European Union (EU), such as the recently revealed details on the content of the global solution and the upcoming enactment of an EU directive for implementation of Pillar One.

Follow reporting obligations for digital platforms per country

We have extensively updated the rest of the Monitor’s content. You now get information on reporting obligations for digital platforms that keeps track of compliance requirements imposed on certain digital companies, including the DAC 7 reporting requirements that must be transposed by EU Member States by 31 December 2022 and the record-keeping obligations of electronic interfaces under the EU VAT e-commerce rules.

Stay abreast

Regular updates ensure you will not miss out on the latest news and links to country and topical analyses, laws, forms and official documents. Selected journal articles provide you with further information on jurisdictions and on Pillar One developments to support your research and business decisions.

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