Our Library brings back the Student Travel Grant!

February 16, 2023
2 minutes read

We are happy to announce that applications are now open for the second edition of the Student Travel Grant programme.

image of students in the library

Our Library Student Travel Grant makes it easier for students at any level to conduct their research in the field of (international) tax law or history of taxation. The grant reimburses (part of) the travel and accommodation costs of your visit.

What you can expect at the IBFD Library:

  • Access to all our physical and virtual resources, as well as our special collection of books and documents, spanning more than two centuries
  • Unlimited access to the IBFD Tax Research Platform, the premier source of cross-border tax information
  • Full access to our knowledgeable library staff, to help you with your questions
  • Free copies and scans, which you can take with you

The 2022 edition of the grant was received with great excitement when launched. Eight students from six countries, both from inside and outside the European Union, were the lucky recipients of the first grant and visited us to carry out their academic studies.

Are you eager to conduct your research at the world’s leading resource facility in the field of international and comparative taxation? Then make sure to apply below. We are receiving applications until 20 April 2023, while recipients can make use of the grant until 30 November 2023.

Apply for the Travel Grant