Nikki J. Teo wins the 10th IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award

May 17, 2024
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Today, Nikki J. Teo was announced as the winner of the 10th Frans Vanistendael Award. Her winning publication was titled “The United Nations in Global Tax Coordination” which has been published by Cambridge University Press.

Image of Nikki J Teo

The book by Nikki J. Teo is an impressive body of work. The mapping of the history of the UN is done in such a detailed manner using archival material, which has perhaps not seen the light of day, so it is unique. While this kind of history is available for the OECD, it is not so for the UN. This is a book that does not merely narrate dry history but brings to life the drama, intrigue, and the Cold War power play. It brings into sharp relief the disappointment that developing countries were facing just as they were emerging from centuries of colonial rule.

The analysis presents research of extremely high quality and demonstrates the inseparability of international relations between developed and developing states from wider considerations of international political economy, global governance, and development. This book will form the basis for any future research on the UN, but more importantly, it also fills a knowledge gap in the current global tax movement. It is also timely as the world tax order is changing. It is a credible inciteful work which requires recognition especially now.

For these reasons, the jury concluded that the publication deserved to win the award, which was personally conferred by Rosa Vanistendael, the widow of Frans Vanistendael.

Read Nikki J. Teo's acceptance speech

About the author

Nikki Teo is a research affiliate and sessional lecturer at the University of Sydney. She is the production editor of Australian Tax Forum. She has worked in tax consultancy and trade law and has been in academia for over 14 years, where she has also assisted in several aid-funded technical assistance programs for developing countries.

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