IBFD’s Authoritative International Tax Glossary - Available for free

April 03, 2021
5 minutes read

The only and most authoritative resource for defining tax and tax-related terms, IBFD’s International Tax Glossary, is accessible for free on the IBFD Tax Research Platform.

IBFD Tax Gloassary

Used by tax experts across the globe, the International Tax Glossary provides the broadest possible coverage of the language of taxation and contains definitions of over 4,000 tax terms and their multilingual equivalents in Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Russian. In addition, appendices provide a list of international organizations, treaties and tax-related bodies, a list of business entities of some 40 countries, and an outline of the various levels and locations of tax courts in 42 countries.

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  2. Next, log on to the Tax Research Platform and access to the Glossary will be available in the Collections overview.

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