IBFD Updates Transfer Pricing Controversy Resource

May 30, 2024
2 minutes read

Our extensive resource equips you with the tools to navigate the full transfer pricing controversy lifecycle, from dispute prevention, tax audits, to tax dispute resolution.

Transfer Pricing Controversy

Understanding your tax liability is paramount in today's complex international tax environment. Transfer pricing controversies, one of the most significant tax risks faced by Multinational Enterprises (MNEs), are projected to rise in the coming years. These disputes can be incredibly costly due to potential adjustments to your tax base, accruing interest and penalties, and significant legal fees. Additionally, they consume valuable internal resources.

Our comprehensive Transfer Pricing Controversy resource empowers you with the tools to navigate the entire controversy lifecycle, from proactive dispute prevention strategies to navigating tax audits and exploring alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms and advance pricing agreements (APAs).

These general chapters address five key areas crucial for Transfer Pricing Managers, tax practitioners, as well as tax authorities and legislators. By effectively addressing these areas, all parties involved can prevent and resolve potential disputes impacting their tax treatment, ultimately saving both time and money.

What the general chapters cover;

  • Transfer Pricing Controversy Trends - Keeps you informed about the latest international, regional, and industry-specific transfer pricing litigation and legislative changes that may affect your organization.
  • Transfer Pricing Controversy Management - Gives you a comprehensive understanding of how transfer pricing disputes arise and provides practical strategies for mitigating or minimizing the high costs associated with these disputes.
  • Roadmap to Implement a Transfer Pricing Controversy Framework in Your Organization - Equips you with the tools and checklists to establish a robust transfer pricing compliance framework within your organization.
  • How to Survive a Transfer Pricing Audit - This practical guide ensures you are prepared with the necessary answers for upcoming audits.
  • Tax Authorities: Transfer Pricing Controversy Management - Empowers tax authorities to streamline the auditing and dispute resolution processes, making them more cost-effective and efficient.

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