IBFD Unveils New Book 'Normativity in International Tax Law' by Daniel W. Blum

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IBFD is pleased to announce the release of “Normativity in International Tax Law” by Daniel W. Blum, winner of the prestigious IFA Mitchell B. Carroll Prize 2022.

Normativity in International Tax Law

The book offers a comprehensive analysis of the legal theoretical foundations of international tax law, situating contemporary discourse within the spectrum between legal positivism, realism, and naturalism.

Blum’s groundbreaking work challenges conventional thinking about international tax law, and its normative foundations. The book’s original and insightful contributions will be invaluable to tax scholars, practitioners, and policymakers around the world.

According to the author, “The book aims to bring a fresh perspective to the debate on the normative foundations of international tax law. It presents a nuanced and multifaceted analysis of the different schools of legal thought, providing a theoretical framework for the normative dimensions of international tax law.”

"We are thrilled to include "Normativity in International Tax Law" in our WU Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law - Tax Law and Policy Series. IBFD is proud to publish this book and contribute to the ongoing debate on international taxation." - Michael Lang, Series Editor.

“Normativity in International Tax Law” is available for purchase from the IBFD Bookstore

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