IBFD teaches at the University of Cape Town

February 19, 2024
1 minute read

As part of our continued collaboration with the University of Cape Town (UCT), we will once again take part in this year’s teaching week, starting on 19 February.

Belema Joao and Ola

The week culminates in the IBFD-UCT annual public seminar, a cornerstone of our collaboration, offering invaluable insights into international tax developments. This year's seminar takes place on 22 February and delves into “Developments on the Implementation of GloBE Pillar Two”.

During the seminar, UCT students will be able to engage with our colleagues making presentations during the seminar, including Belema Obuoforibo, João Nogueira and Ola Ostaszewska. They will be joined by UCT colleagues Dr Alison Futter (Senior lecturer, UCT), Barry Ger (Lecturer, UCT) and Ben Cronin (Lecturer, UCT), each making additional presentations.

You can find more information about the seminar in this brochure.