IBFD Publishes New Book: Mobility of Individuals and Workforces

March 26, 2024
2 minutes read

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest book, which addresses a gap in international tax literature on individual mobility.

Mobility of Individuals and Workforces

Since 2013, significant efforts have been made to reform the global tax structure, primarily focusing on corporate income taxation, particularly for multinationals. However, this book highlights the lack of attention paid to individual income taxation in the face of increasing individual mobility and evolving work patterns.

This timely publication explores the various factors driving individual mobility, including:

  • Increased wealth mobility: Individuals with significant wealth are increasingly seeking tax-favourable jurisdictions.
  • Global competition for talent: Economies are actively attracting skilled individuals, impacting tax policies.
  • Technological advancements: Remote work and the rise of the digital nomad lifestyle challenge traditional tax frameworks.
  • Emergence of English as a global language: Language barriers are diminishing, facilitating individual mobility.
  • Automation and AI: The changing nature of work necessitates revising tax policies.

This new book addresses these critical trends and their impact on both corporate and, more importantly, individual income taxation, and aims to stimulate future discussions on this rapidly evolving landscape.

The publication reflects growing recognition by the United Nations and the OECD of the need to address these issues, making "Mobility of Individuals and Workforces" a crucial resource for policymakers, tax professionals and academics.

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