IBFD Launches Groundbreaking Book on the Implications of Online Platforms and Technology for Taxation

May 01, 2023
2 minutes read

This book marks a significant contribution to the ongoing conversation around the implications of online platforms and technology for taxation. 

Online Platforms and Technology for Taxation

This is a must read book for academics, tax authorities and practitioners seeking a comprehensive analysis of this topic. 

The book explores a range of subjects, including the tax-reporting obligations of platforms in direct and indirect taxation, the legal status of digital workers and its income tax implications, the challenges and opportunities presented by distributed ledger technologies like blockchain, the tax implications of virtual currencies, crypto assets, NFTs and DeFi, and the importance of explainable AI in tax law.

“The authors, who are established and rising scholars from all around the globe, provide insightful and thought-provoking analysis that is sure to be of great interest to anyone interested in the implications of online platforms and new technologies on international tax and taxpayer rights”, said Craig West, IBFD Senior Associate.

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