IBFD creates two new Deputy Director roles

January 05, 2023
2 minutes read

Ola Ostaszewska and Anuschka Bakker appointed Deputy Directors of the IBFD Knowledge Centre.

IBFD Deputy Directors

The new functions reflect the expansion of the department and reward the significant roles Ola and Anuschka have played in driving the Knowledge Centre programme forward throughout the organization.

In their new roles, Ola will focus on editorial and research policy, with the aim to drive greater editorial synergies, and Anuschka will oversee the department’s contribution to our online international tax training business.

“I am extremely proud to announce these new appointments and it is confirmation of Ola and Anuschka’s outstanding contribution to our organization, over a number of years,” says Belema Obuoforibo, Director IBFD Knowledge Centre.

The IBFD Knowledge Centre is our main research and editorial department. It also contributes significantly to our training and government consultancy business.