IBFD celebrates the physical return of the Africa Tax Symposium

May 22, 2023
3 minutes read

After a two-year hiatus, the Centre for Studies of African Taxation (CSAT) is delighted to welcome high-profile speakers and delegates from across the continent to Arusha, Tanzania at the Africa Tax Symposium.

ATS Event

After attendees arrived on Tuesday afternoon, they were treated to a warm and memorable welcoming reception, graciously hosted by the Dutch Embassy in the evening. The event created an atmosphere of friendship and enthusiasm, helping to set the stage for fruitful discussions on tax matters that impact Africa's future.

On Wednesday, the symposium commenced with heartfelt introductions from esteemed individuals, who set the tone for the exciting days ahead. The Master of Ceremonies, Wageni Kimani-Wambaa from the Kenyan Revenue Authority, initiated the proceedings. Belema Obuoforibo, Director of the IBFD Knowledge Centre, delivered a welcoming address, followed by a thought-provoking keynote speech from Alphayo J. Kidata, Commissioner General of the Tanzania Revenue Authority. Goodwill messages were also shared by Jan Maarten Slagter, Chief Executive Officer of IBFD, and Prof. Dr. Victor van Kommer, Director of IBFD Tax Services.

The agenda promises a diverse range of compelling topics to be covered in the coming days. These include exploring the implications of the Two-Pillar Solution and the potential consequences for Africa in the absence of critical-mass agreements. Additionally, discussions will delve into the impact of global minimum taxation on the tax incentives regimes of African nations and recent developments in transfer pricing on the continent.

The Africa Tax Symposium is off to an outstanding start, and we anticipate the successful exploration of these vital topics and the forging of lasting connections among attendees.