IBFD and the Benin Tax Administration (DGI) join forces to establish an international tax library facility in Benin

January 23, 2024
2 minutes read

IBFD supports the Benin Tax Administration (DGI) in advancing its commitment to knowledge sharing by initiating a library facility, a key outcome of the 2022 BEPS Assessment Tool (BAT). 

IBFD Library

This ambitious project follows the BAT’s evaluation of Benin’s tax system in 2022, producing a comprehensive 150-page report. Two major outcomes ensued: the establishment of an international tax library and a decision to conduct a 2-week intensive training at IBFD premises in Amsterdam for DGI officials

The IBFD Centre for Studies in African Taxation (CSAT) is aiding the DGI in realizing their knowledge organization goals via a project led by the IBFD Library and Capacity Building and Tailored Services, with funding from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the main German development agency.

Currently, the library is in a preliminary phase, and IBFD, in collaboration with the DGI, is gradually building it up. The project began by identifying DGI’s book requirements, combining their wishlist with IBFD’s suggested titles in French and English. Books were then procured through Dietmar Dreier, the international library supplier, and delivered to Cotonou, Benin.

Besides acquiring the books, the IBFD Library and Information Centre will also conduct remote training sessions for the DGI. The focus is on hands-on cataloguing and the chosen library classification system. Additionally, staff will provide insights into tax law research platforms and library management techniques.

Beyond books and training, IBFD is extending a 2-year subscription to selected content from its Tax Research Platform. The IBFD Sales team will offer basic training on using the platform. This holistic support underscores IBFD’s commitment to fortifying the DGI’s library and enhancing knowledge capabilities within the Benin tax administration.