EU Tax Focus – A New Source of Insights on EU Tax Developments

March 20, 2024
2 minutes read

The EU Tax Law Study Group is delighted to introduce the EU Tax Focus, a free compilation of notes in which we navigate the whirlwind of change and untangle the complexities of EU tax initiatives and developments.

EU Tax Focus

Our notes are the missing piece between the news reports from IBFD’s Tax News Service, the dedicated Commentary on EU Direct Tax and the analytical articles in the specialized IBFD Journals. They aim to serve as a specialized source, providing insights into the developments and uncovering their possible consequences. Additionally, they include concise, expert perspectives on the implications of EU tax developments across other areas, such as VAT and Transfer Pricing.

In our inaugural issue of EU Tax Focus, we look into (i) the recently updated EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes; (ii) what to expect from the transposition of DAC8; and (iii) the latest developments related to FASTER. 

Visit our new dedicated web page here to learn more about the EU Tax Law Study Group, and access our EU Tax Focus to be up to date with EU tax developments. 

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