Calculate Your Corporate Tax, with our New Export Tax Calculation Tool

May 16, 2021
4 minutes read

On our Tax Research Platform, you can now download a tax calculation example to Excel and compute the approximate corporate tax based on your income situation.

IBFD Tax Calculation Tool

In section 3. of each Country Analysis chapter on Corporate Taxation, we provide you with a simulation tool that enables you to fill in your own figures to calculate the corporate income tax for a profitable resident company in a given year.

You can now download this simulation tool to Excel and start filling in your own figures. This new feature has the convenience of giving you a snapshot of the possible tax position for you and allows you to store the result in your own environment.

Where is the download button located?

After you open section 3., Tax Calculation Example, in any Country Analysis chapter on Corporate Taxation, just scroll down to the end of the example and click the download button at the right hand (see image below). An Excel file will open, which you may store in your own environment and subsequently fill in with your own figures.