Blueprint for Individual Taxation Reform Took Center Stage at IBFD Academic Tax Conference

May 22, 2024
2 minutes read

On 16-17 May, the IBFD Academic Tax Conference convened at the IBFD headquarters in Amsterdam, presenting a compelling forum for discussing "Blueprint for Individual Taxation Reform in a Globalized World."

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Attracting a diverse assembly of speakers, the conference underscored the significance of personal income tax (PIT) reform. The selection of presenters, chosen through a rigorous blind peer review of abstracts submitted last fall, ensured a wide range of perspectives on critical tax issues.

The conference delved into several key topics, structured into main clusters:

  • Firstly, it examined residency rules and the need to rethink the nexus for worldwide taxation;
  • Secondly, discussions focused on source taxation and the allocation of taxing rights between residence and source states. This included striving for a principle-based, administrable system that considers the deterrent effect on global mobility caused by compliance burdens, which is especially pertinent for regional organisations like the EU;
  • Thirdly, the exploration of special tax regimes and potential abuses by individuals highlighted the necessity for scrutiny in personal income tax akin to that in corporate income tax.

A notable theme throughout the conference was the imperative to protect fundamental rights amidst calls for tax reform.

The conference’s impact will extend beyond these two days, culminating in a forthcoming book publication by IBFD dedicated to the conference proceedings. This publication will further disseminate the valuable insights and proposals discussed, contributing to ongoing global tax discourse.

The success of the IBFD Academic Tax Conference reaffirms our dedication to advancing tax scholarship and professional practice, promoting a well-informed and engaged global tax community.

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