The 2020 IBFD Yearbook on Taxpayers’ Rights Now Released

April 19, 2021
4 minutes read

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2020 edition of the Observatory on the Protection of Taxpayers’ Rights (OPTR) Yearbook on Taxpayers’ Rights. Prof. Dr Pasquale Pistone and Prof. Dr Philip Baker (OPTR Co-Directors) present the Yearbook through a video below, explaining some of the main events and trends arising in the protection of taxpayers’ rights last year.

observatory protection taxpayers rights

The 2020 Yearbook contains information on developments concerning the effective protection of taxpayers’ fundamental rights around the world, as a step towards establishing a block of technically reliable data that can be used to support a constructive dialogue between taxpayers and tax authorities. This publication, the fourth of its kind released by the OPTR, compiles up-to-date information on the effective protection of taxpayers’ rights in 42 countries worldwide up to 31 December 2020.