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Our interactive map gives you a quick overview of the digital taxation measures in over 70 countries Monitoring Digital Taxation

Since  2021 we have been at the forefront of tracking the ever-evolving unilateral and global tax developments targeting the digitalized economy. We present all the relevant information in our Digital Taxation Monitor. Our Monitor comprises over 70 country tables covering countries’ direct unilateral measures, reporting obligations for digital platforms, VAT measures targeting the digitalized economy and Pillar One position and (future) implementation. The monitor also follows-up on the supranational discussions and measures adopted or recommended by the OECD, EU, UN and ATAF. Available on our Tax Research Platform, the tables also provide links to country and topical analyses, laws and to journal articles, where further information on jurisdictions is available. As soon as consensus is reached on Pillar One, the implementation status of countries will also be covered. All this information is aggregated in one place in the Tables section, the Digital Taxation tables cover it all.

Interconnected Global Tax Economy

In today's interconnected global tax economy, the digitalization of business processes and the pervasive influence of digital technologies have transformed the way companies operate. The digital economy, or web economy, extends its reach far beyond traditional revenue models, impacting products, services, and economic activities across the globe. As businesses adapt to this new era, governments worldwide have been faced with the challenge of efficiently taxing these new business models.

The digital economy extends the need for governments to adapt their tax systems to the realities of the digital age. The rise of the digital economy reflects how much economic activity digital technology products and services provide and has blurred traditional boundaries and the nature of how traditional companies and business leaders operate and serve their customers, making it crucial to establish a fair and effective framework for taxing digital businesses whilst maintaining economic value. One of the key initiatives in this regard is Pillar One, aimed at addressing global economy tax challenges posed by the digitalized worldwide economy. 

A Digital Taxation Map: Your Window into the Digital Taxation Landscape


The  map covers the taxation of the digitalized economy in over 70 countries. It   is a comprehensive tool that allows you to easily monitor rapid developments in this field. You can click through to more details in the Digital Taxation Monitor tax tables. This unique map provides you with hands-on support in quickly identifying the various measures used by countries to address the challenges of the digitalized worldwide economy.

Key Aspects Of The New Visualization Tool


1. Comprehensive coverage

The map offers a global overview of all taxes covered in the tax monitor, highlighting their status of implementation. This includes:

  • Unilateral measures: Encompassing all taxes on income/revenue, including Digital Service Taxes (DSTs), and other types of taxes, such as special contributions, implemented in  currently 72 countries.
  • VAT/GST: Special measures targeting e-commerce and online sales of goods and services in over 70 countries.
  • Status of Implementation: The map utilizes different colours to indicate the level of implementation of measures in each country. They range from planned to implemented or rejected.

2. Interactive feature and practical visualization
The Digital Taxation Monitor Map's interactive feature empowers users to filter results based on their preferences . So you can easily select what set of countries are in a specific implementation stage per type of tax.  Countries are displayed on the world map in varying colours according to the taxes and their status of implementation. This provides a visual representation of the diverse practices followed by countries in the digitalized economy, all in one glance.

3. Easy access to additional resources
When exploring the map, you are just a click away from accessing more detailed information provided in the Digital Taxation Monitor tables. The pop-up summary tables on the world map will guide you to the relevant detailed table, where you can find links to country guides, relevant laws, forms, and journal articles. This additional information grants you deeper insights into specific jurisdictions.

As  the digital economy continues to evolve, so too will the map. Future updates will include coverage of the country implementation of the Pillar One solution as soon as a consensus is reached by jurisdictions.

Regular updates ensure you will not miss out on the latest news and links to country and topical analyses, laws, forms and official documents. Selected journal articles provide you with further information on jurisdictions and on Pillar One developments to support your research and business decisions.

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In the ever-changing landscape of the digital economy, this state-of-the-art map is your indispensable tool for staying informed, visualizing global tax trends, and accessing critical resources. Whether you are a business leader, tax professional, or anyone interested in the global tax the digitalized economy, this interactive map is your compass and gateway to deeper information for understanding the digital taxation landscape across the globe. Explore it today and stay ahead in the dynamic world of global taxation.

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