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Maximize the effectiveness of your tax administration.


Tax compliance and transparency are key concerns for tax administrations worldwide. Keeping up on international developments, assessing the impact of regulatory and tax policy measures and anticipating taxpayer behaviour is a daily challenge. You need reliable information to help optimize your compliance and audit procedures and ensure sustainable development and sources of revenue.

The expert solutions for government organizations on our Tax Research Platform give you everything you need to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


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Key Features and Benefits


Stay ahead with up-to-the-minute and reliable information on the latest developments in international taxation:

  • Our fully integrated Tax News Service brings you timely news reports on global developments, including BEPS and MLI.
  • Find all key information on hot tax topics at a glance in our Tax Dossiers. Everything you need to know about important developments, such as MLI and BEPS, State Aid and Tax Rulings, the Digital Economy, DAC6, the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) and Brexit. With summaries and quick links to all relevant information, tools and tables on our Tax Research Platform.
  • Our live and on-demand Webinars cover key developments and hot topics, with practical advice to help you address your daily tax challenges.
  • Our weekly video series Tax Takes: News & Views gives you the latest news and insights on hot and emerging topics. Each video contains a summary of the week’s top news, followed by an interview with a leading tax expert on a current topic.


Get the best value for your money with our Country Tax Guides and Global Topics collections. These up-to-date information collections give you the most comprehensive coverage of tax systems worldwide in various levels of detail:

  • The authoritative Global Tax Treaty Commentaries collection offers you extensive analysis and comparison of model articles and treaty policy and practice in more than 30 countries.
  • Country Surveys provide concise descriptions of cross-border taxation and investment rules of more than 220 national tax regimes.
  • Country Analyses give you detailed per-country descriptions of all aspects of corporate and individual taxation in over 60 major economies worldwide.
  • Coverage of the sub-national tax systems of Canada, Mexico, Switzerland and the United States.
  • Historical versions dating back several years.


Save time on your tax research with easy-to-use tools and tables for quick and efficient data collection:

  • Our Country Key Features tables give you succinct overviews of the rates and other essential elements of national tax regimes worldwide.
  • Our easy-to-use quick reference tables cover withholding tax rates, VAT and sales tax, MLI positions, tax compliance and dispute resolution, documentation and reporting requirements, and all OECD and EU implementation measures, such as BEPS and ATAD. Built-in functionality lets you easily compare similar tables for multiple jurisdictions, such as the BEPS and MLI Country Monitors and the ATAD Implementation Tables.
  • The IBFD Observatory on the Protection of Taxpayers’ Rights identifies principles, minimum standards and best practices for the effective protection of taxpayers’ rights. It allows for permanent monitoring of global compliance and the development of minimum standards across the globe.


Get the full background with the most authoritative source of reference documents:

  • Our unrivalled Treaties & Models collection gives you access to more than 14,000 treaty documents. Documents include real-time information on treaty status and MLI applicability and integrated news coverage of the latest developments.
  • Tap into our vast Primary Sources collection for the latest national legislation, including historical and domestic language versions. The latest information from international organizations such as EU, OECD, UN and PATA. Including the BEPS Action Reports, the China Circulars Collection1 and US IRS documentation.
  • Domestic Case Law, ECJ Case Law and Tax Treaty Case Law are covered extensively in our unique Case Law collection. Thousands of court decisions and concise summaries offer you guidance on the interpretation and application of tax laws and treaties.


Make sure you have the complete picture with our practical analysis and in-depth studies:

  • The IBFD Talking Points are opinion pieces that bring you timely analysis and interpretation of the key tax developments covered in our news reports.
  • Our Journal Articles & Opinion Pieces collection offers you in-depth analysis of the impact of developments and policy measures on tax revenue, public finances and taxpayers. Customize your selection to receive the articles that are relevant to the areas and topics of your interest.
  • Explore the latest research on a wide variety of topics with our Books collection. Includes detailed studies on treaty models, tax policy, administration, reform and governance. Also available in print and eBook format.


Full content integration and combined offerings of information and services are a recipe for successful tax research:

  • Complete integration of news and analysis across all information collections makes for a seamless online experience.
  • Quick links to relevant sources and documents ensure quick and efficient research.
  • You get the complete package with our combination of information and training. Advance your professional development with our tax courses and certification programmes, such as the IBFD Advanced Professional Certificate in International Taxation.
  • We offer specialized services for governments, such as technical support for your tax reform process and assistance with policy, legislative and administrative issues to help you comply with international standards.


State-of-the-art built-in functionality and personalization guarantee a satisfying user experience:

  • An unmatched search engine and easy navigation across all devices and browsers provide you with quick and accurate results, wherever you are.
  • Standardized formats and advanced action functionality enable you to compare tables for multiple jurisdictions and view documents side by side. For easy comparison of national tax systems, full treaty documents and treaty articles, primary source documents and case summaries.
  • Action controls for printing and exporting documents to PDF, Excel or Word allow you to work offline and incorporate information in internal documentation.
  • Quick reference tools enable you to save your favourite documents, overviews and searches and add notes in documents for future reference.


1) China Circulars – Please note that the license IBFD has with Thomson Reuters for the documents in this collection is expiring but IBFD will ensure a continued service. In future, we will source and publish the original circulars in Chinese and their translation into English under IBFD copyright.  

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