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About the Tax Research Platform

What is the Tax Research Platform?

The IBFD Tax Research Platform is the front-end access to all IBFD products, allowing you to view all information related to your subscriptions at once. Within the Platform, the contents of your subscriptions are clearly arranged in different information collections, such as News, IBFD's various levels of country descriptions (e.g. Country Key Features, Country Surveys, and Country Analyses), Treaties, Topical Analyses, EU Law and Case Law.
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Benefits of the IBFD Tax Research Platform 


  • Clearly arranged content within different collections, with quick links to relevant documents.
  • All relevant news items are published in real time on the home page of the IBFD Tax Research Platform.
  • Levels of information at any required depth, namely Country Key Features (essential features of domestic tax systems), Country Surveys (main facts of a country’s tax regime), Country Analyses (details of the corporate and individual tax provisions for a particular country and how they relate to other jurisdictions and regulations) and Topical Analyses (comprehensive descriptions of major topics in international tax, including country-by-country analyses).
  • Provision of pre-published journal articles, journal archives and the latest journal issues.
  • Easy-to-use tools which help you to do your research more quickly and efficiently, such as: Country Chapters Comparison, Historical Tax Archives, Treaty Article Comparison, Treaty Article Export, and more. Next to these main tools we have a generic Country Tables Comparison tool for various topics and multiple country comparisons.
  • Advanced print options to enable you to print selected texts, pages or entire chapters and journal issues.
  • Possibility to create your personalized Research Profile(s) allowing you to store your favourite and most frequently used searches and collections for quick and easy future access.

Getting started

For more information on how to work with the platform and to find more detailed instructions please access our help menu.


User Training


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