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Publish a book with IBFD

Wide variety of topics

IBFD’s monographs and book series encompass a wide variety of topics. In addition to individual titles, IBFD publishes book series on international tax planning and on international and EC tax law. Under the auspices of its academic activities, IBFD publishes the Doctoral Series, which aims to promote the discussion of issues in international tax law at a high academic level.

Review process for your proposal

Prior to acceptance, all work submitted to IBFD for publication is carefully reviewed for its originality, quality and suitability. Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of content, intended readership, market potential and suitability for our publishing programme. In collaboration with Marketing, the publisher will create a publishing proposal that incorporates the author's proposal, reviewer comments and a proposed marketing plan, including estimated sales numbers and a financial summary. The publisher’s proposal is then submitted to management for final approval. Upon approval by management, a Publishing Agreement is offered to the author(s). This agreement outlines the terms and conditions (including royalties, manuscript specifications, delivery schedule) under which IBFD will publish the book.

Submission guidelines


Aims and scope

This should summarize your vision (roughly 500 words) of the purpose and approach of the book, and should include the following:
  • What is the purpose of the book? To report on recent developments; to review/explain an existing situation; to bring forward a new idea/concept.
  • What sort of approach will the book take? Practical/theoretical.
  • Who will read the book? Is it intended for a general audience with no/little knowledge of the subject or specialists in the field? Please try to be specific and stress the major markets, including geographic location.
  • Why is there a need for this book? Fills a gap; hot topic; documents latest research.

Detailed table of contents

Please submit a detailed list of contents including parts, chapters and sections within chapters. A brief description of each part and chapter, together with an estimate of the number of words in each chapter, should be included. In the case of a multi-authored book, the main author/editor should indicate the way in which the writing process will be managed to ensure a consistent and coherent outcome in terms of the finished book.

Sample material

If available, please provide at least one sample chapter. Sample chapters must reflect the approach indicated in the proposal.

Competing titles

Please list any existing titles that may be considered as potential competition. Include the author, title, publisher, publication date, price and number of pages. List the unique features that will differentiate your book from the competition.

Technical specifications

This should include a realistic timing and completion date, estimated number of words, number of figures/tables.

Curriculum vitae

A summary of the author’s professional experience should be submitted. This should include a list of previous publications in related subjects, where applicable. In the case of multi-authored books, the name and affiliation of each contributor should be included.

Proposal submission - contact us

For book proposals and questions please e-mail the publisher directly. Only complete publishing proposals will be considered.