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Publish a Book with IBFD

IBFD’s book titles encompass a wide variety of topics, such as transfer pricing, tax treaties, value-added taxation, corporate taxation and tax law. In addition to individual titles, IBFD publishes various book series on topics in the fields of international taxation and tax law.


IBFD publishes books in print, online and eBook format.

For book proposals and questions, please e-mail the Book Publisher.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who will have access to my book?

IBFD’s books are sold as single products, as part of book series subscriptions and in subscription packages combined with other products, such as the Global Tax Premier.

Single book copies can also be purchased from IBFD’s resellers, such as Amazon and EBSCO. IBFD’s online books are available on the IBFD Tax Research Platform.

What are IBFD’s standards for books?

IBFD adheres to strict standards to ensure the high quality of its book publications.

Editorial standards
IBFD books follow international editorial conventions that optimize their retrievability as source material, such as the inclusion of fully descriptive book titles and cover texts and complete bibliographic information for all cited references.

Submitted manuscripts must consist of original, unpublished material, and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

IBFD’s book authors are mainly drawn from the worldwide tax community of business and advisory professionals, tax academics in law and economics and policymakers. We especially encourage new talent to submit their work, in particular for the IBFD Doctoral Series.

What is the procedure after submission?

After submission to the Book Publisher, your book will go through IBFD’s editorial procedures.

Your book proposal will be carefully reviewed for its originality, quality and suitability. Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of content, intended readership, market potential and suitability for our publishing programme.

You will be notified of the decision for acceptance, rejection or need for revision within a reasonable period of time. If your book is accepted for publication, you will be asked to sign IBFD’s standard author or editor agreement. In case of a contributed volume, we will ask you to have the contributors sign individual agreements for their chapters.

Author support
IBFD offers technical and editorial support throughout the publication process via the dedicated e-mail address Inquiries regarding content and scope should be addressed to the Book Publisher and/or the Series Editor.

Editorial process
IBFD will perform a language check on all submitted books. If the English is considered insufficient, you may be asked to improve it, or we can look into ways to assist you.

In case of publication in a book series, your book may be subjected to tax-technical review; the Series Editor reserves the right to make or suggest appropriate amendments prior to publication. The final version of your book will undergo copy-editing. After the final round of editing, the book will be published: no further changes can be made at this stage.

What are the key terms of my agreement with IBFD?

IBFD offers a standard author or editor agreement to all book authors and editors: these are the main elements.

To offer unlimited access to our extensive network of readers and distribution channels, we will ask that you transfer the copyright of your book to IBFD. As author, you retain all propriety rights other than copyright, such as patent and trademark rights, to your book and any process or procedure described therein.

By signing the agreement, the author or editor acknowledges that permission for publication has been obtained from all authors and, if applicable, from the responsible authorities at the institute where the work or research was carried out.

Personal use and reproduction
After publication, you will receive a number of free hardcopies of the book. You may use (parts of) the book for personal or internal institutional purposes under certain conditions, stipulated in your agreement. IBFD does not allow for the posting of whole books or book chapters on open-access websites, but you may post the title and cover text and a link to the book on the IBFD website to increase exposure.

Note that IBFD should be notified of any form of reproduction of (parts of) the book, and in cases other than those described in your agreement permission may have to be obtained via IBFD Rights & Permissions.

As author or editor, you may be eligible for monetary remuneration in the form of a fixed fee or standard royalty percentage. This will be detailed in your agreement.

IBFD’s book series

IBFD publishes the following book series. Please note that not all book series accept external submissions.
EATLP International Tax Series

The EATLP International Tax Series is published by the European Association of Tax Law Professors (EATLP). Founded on 10 June 1999, the EATLP is composed of more than 300 members who are tax law professors from the European Union. In addition, the association now includes associate members from non-EU countries.

The EATLP holds an annual congress which helps to achieve its goals of promoting academic teaching programmes on European, international, domestic and comparative taxation and contributing to the harmonization of taxes within the European Union. The EATLP series covers the topics discussed at its annual events.

EC and International Tax Law Series

Series Editor: Prof. Guglielmo Maisto

The EC and International Tax Law Series presents unique and detailed insights into the context of international tax law and is based on multi-jurisdictional research carried out by legal scholars – including academic researchers – that is presented during annual invitational seminars.

The aim of the series is to promote the dissemination of studies on EC and International tax law that go beyond domestic domains.

Global Tax Series

The Global Tax Series uses a common format to present in detail the tax systems of various regions on a country-by-country basis. The consistent format allows you to quickly find the facts you need and make simple comparisons between countries. These volumes are ideal for tax practitioners and libraries.

Group for Research on European and International Taxation (GREIT)

The GREIT Series covers the topics discussed at the annual conferences of the Group for Research on European and International Taxation (GREIT), a network of academics specialized in EU and international tax law. The Group conducts independent expert research into the development of European and international taxation.

IBFD Doctoral Series

Managing Editor: Prof. Dr Craig West

True to its mission of disseminating knowledge of international taxation and promoting the study of taxation in general, IBFD has taken the initiative to make available to a wider audience a series of books based on doctoral research.

The IBFD Doctoral Series accepts only contributions that enhance the international academic tax debate and meet the highest academic standards. In order to ensure top quality, every thesis published in the series undergoes peer reviewing in line with the strictest selection standards.

 Books published in the IBFD Doctoral Series should:

  • Achieve particularly original research results
  • Include a significantly innovative component
  • Be based on a thorough knowledge of the existing literature on the topic(s)
  • Have a particularly strong, long-lasting impact on European and/or international tax law
IBFD Tax Research Series

The IBFD Tax Research Series provides in-depth analysis of topical issues in international tax. The relevant issues are addressed conceptually, and the discussion is grounded with thorough analysis of relevant domestic and treaty law and practice. Each volume in this Series is authored entirely by the research staff of IBFD.

WU Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law – Tax Law and Policy Series

Series Editor: Prof. Dr Michael Lang

The WU Tax Law and Policy Series series aims at presenting the scientific results of those research projects by the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, WU, that particularly focus on international and/or EU tax law. A broad range of selected aspects of comparative and international taxation, both in direct and indirect taxation, is covered. In order to ensure high quality, every book published in this series has been reviewed by academic members of the Board of Trustees or by senior research staff.

Submission guidelines

These guidelines are intended to help you organize your thoughts and ideas as you prepare your publishing proposal for consideration by IBFD. In submitting your proposal, we encourage you to supply material that is as complete as possible and includes the following elements:


Aims and scope

This should summarize your vision (roughly 500 words) of the purpose and approach of the book, and should include the following:

  • What is the purpose of the book? To report on recent developments; to review/explain an existing situation; to bring forward a new idea/concept.
  • What sort of approach will the book take? Practical/theoretical.
  • Who will read the book? Is it intended for a general audience with no/little knowledge of the subject or specialists in the field? Please try to be specific and stress the major markets, including geographic location.
  • Why is there a need for this book? Fills a gap; hot topic; documents latest research.
Detailed table of contents

Please submit a detailed list of contents including parts, chapters and sections within chapters. A brief description of each part and chapter, together with an estimate of the number of words in each chapter, should be included. In the case of a multi-authored book, the main author/editor should indicate the way in which the writing process will be managed to ensure a consistent and coherent outcome in terms of the finished book.

Sample material

If available, please provide at least one sample chapter. Sample chapters must reflect the approach indicated in the proposal.

Competing titles

Please list any existing titles that may be considered as potential competition. Include the author, title, publisher, publication date, price and number of pages. List the unique features that will differentiate your book from the competition.

Technical specifications

This should include a realistic timing and completion date, estimated number of words, number of figures/tables.

Curriculum vitae

Please submit a summary of your professional experience. This should include a list of previous publications in related subjects, where applicable. In the case of multi-authored books, the name and affiliation of each contributor should be included.

Author instructions and other relevant documents