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Journal Contribution at IBFD

Why publish your journal article with IBFD

By publishing your paper in an IBFD journal, you will:
  • Gain broad exposure for your expertise in the international tax arena
  • Join our extensive network of international tax professionals, including our authors, editors, correspondents and other contributors
  • Benefit from association with a brand renowned throughout the world for its quality, impartiality and reliability
  • Contribute to the most comprehensive knowledge base in international taxation

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will have access to my article?

All articles from IBFD’s journal titles are offered in the IBFD Journal Articles Collection, available on the IBFD Tax Research Platform. Subscribers may also choose to have access to a customized selection of articles corresponding with the region and/or topic of their interest via IBFD Journal Articles – Country Select. IBFD’s offering ensures that your article gets the best possible exposure among our subscribers.

Furthermore, all of IBFD’s journals are included in Global Tax Premier.

What are IBFD’s standards for journal articles?

IBFD adheres to strict standards to ensure the high quality of its journal articles.

Editorial standards
IBFD journals follow international editorial conventions that optimize the retrievability of source articles, such as the inclusion of fully descriptive article titles and abstracts and complete bibliographic information for all cited references.

Submitted manuscripts must consist of original, unpublished material, and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

IBFD’s journal authors are mainly drawn from the worldwide tax community of business and advisory professionals, tax academics in law and economics and policymakers. We especially encourage new talent to submit their work, in particular for the World Tax Journal.

What is the procedure after submission?

After submission to the Managing Editor, your article will go through IBFD’s editorial procedures.

Each journal conducts its own review process. All material submitted for publication will undergo an editorial review by IBFD’s editors and/or editorial board members. The editorial team may ask external specialists to assist with the editorial review. Some submissions may be subjected to single-blind or double-blind external peer review by one or more experts in the field.

You will be notified of the decision for acceptance, rejection or need for revision within four to eight weeks, or the time period specified by the Managing Editor.

Author support
IBFD offers technical and editorial support throughout the publication process via the dedicated e-mail address Inquiries regarding content and scope should be addressed to the Managing Editor.

Editorial process
IBFD will perform a language check on all submitted articles. If the English is considered insufficient, you may be asked to improve it, or we can look into ways to assist you.

If your article is accepted for publication, you will be asked to sign IBFD’s standard author agreement. Your article will then be subjected to tax-technical review; the Managing Editor reserves the right to make appropriate amendments prior to publication. After editing, the article will be published online: no further changes can be made at this stage.

What are the key terms of my agreement with IBFD?

IBFD offers a standard author agreement to all journal authors: these are the main elements.

To offer unlimited access to our extensive network of readers and distribution channels, we will ask that you transfer the copyright of your article to IBFD. As author, you retain all propriety rights other than copyright, such as patent and trademark rights, to your article and any process or procedure described therein.

By signing the author agreement, the author acknowledges that permission for publication has been obtained from all authors and, if applicable, from the responsible authorities at the institute where the work or research was carried out.

Personal use and reproduction
You will receive an electronic copy (PDF) of the article, which may be used for personal or internal institutional purposes under certain conditions, stipulated in your author agreement. IBFD does not allow for the posting of full-text articles on open-access websites, but you may post the abstract and a link to the article on the IBFD website to increase exposure.

Note that IBFD should be notified of any form of reproduction of (parts of) the article, and in cases other than those described in your author agreement permission may have to be obtained via IBFD Rights & Permissions.

As author, you may be eligible for monetary remuneration in the form of a standard fee. This will be detailed in your author agreement. No remuneration is provided for contributions to the World Tax Journal.

IBFD’s core journals

IBFD publishes the following core journal titles. For full details of how to submit your article, please download our Instructions for Journal Authors.
Asia-Pacific Tax Bulletin

Managing Editor: Rachel Saw

This journal explores the laws affecting taxation and investment, legal practice and related matters in Asia (including Central Asian countries) and the Pacific. It has a strong international focus, highlighting and analysing issues essential to international business and trade in the region.

Bulletin for International Taxation

Chief Editor: Dr Johann Hattingh

IBFD’s flagship journal, examining important tax developments and issues of interest to an international readership of tax professionals. Its contributions are of an analytical and/or practical nature and provide background, description and analysis.

Finance and Capital Markets

Managing Editor: Khadija Baggerman-Noudari

This journal provides authoritative, up-to-date information and insightful analyses for tax professionals and financial market experts around the world. Focusing on developments in international financial taxation, it also covers regulatory and accounting issues relevant for tax practitioners.

European Taxation

Managing Editor: Julie Rogers

European Taxation offers detailed analyses of key legal and policy developments affecting taxation and investment in European countries and the European Union. It also contains brief notes outlining important changes in taxation, including new laws, amendments to laws, tax treaty interpretations, rulings and court decisions.

International Transfer Pricing Journal

Managing Editor: Dr Rijkele Betten

This journal represents a worldwide view on transfer pricing issues for corporate tax purposes. It combines reports on important domestic transfer pricing developments with analytical and comparative surveys on topical issues. It also regularly publishes articles on recent transfer pricing cases and industry sector perspectives.

International VAT Monitor

Managing Editor: Fabiola Annacondia

The International VAT Monitor offers worldwide coverage of VAT and sales tax. It publishes detailed articles on current issues, outlines of VAT or sales tax systems in specific countries, VAT news, reviews of recent case law, full coverage of the latest EU developments (including VAT cases before the Court of Justice of the European Union) and questions posed to the Commission by the European Parliament.

World Tax Journal

Managing Editor: Prof. Craig West

The World Tax Journal focuses on original and innovative manuscripts representing scientific studies in the area of international, comparative and regional taxation from a legal and/or an economic perspective. This multidisciplinary journal is a platform for premium and groundbreaking academic research.

The World Tax Journal's contributions are double-blind peer-reviewed by default. IBFD’s editorial staff will perform a first quality assessment: if it is deemed of sufficient quality, the article will be submitted for double-blind peer review. Peer reviewers are tax experts selected from all parts of the world, with a predominance of European and North-American reviewers.

Author instructions and other relevant documents

IBFD Instructions to Authors – Journals (including journal-specific submission information)
IBFD Publications Style and Spelling Guidelines
Guidelines to the IBFD Standard Citations and References

Contact us

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