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Press Releases

If you would like to receive our press releases or would like to provide us with relevant press releases for our Industry News Section, please contact Phil Windus.

8 June 2021 IBFD announces search for US and Canadian correspondents!
1 June 2021 IBFD launches new Transfer Pricing Deviation Tables
18 May 2021 Global Tax Treaty Commentaries (GTTC) – Country Policy and Practice released today on the IBFD Platform
10 May 2021 Adolfo Martín Jiménez wins the 7th IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award
6 May 2021 IBFD Africa Tax Symposium 2021 – Webinar Edition offers an African perspective on key international tax trends
19 April 2021 IBFD launches the 2020 Yearbook on Taxpayers Rights
11 March 2021 IBFD announces search for Caribbean authors and correspondents!
1 March 2021 IBFD launches Talking Points, a fresh perspective on the latest tax developments
8 June 2020 IBFD launches the 2019 Yearbook on Taxpayers’ Rights
19 May 2020 6th IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award goes to Prof. Brian J. Arnold
6 May 2020 Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili appointed to IBFD Board of Trustees
21 Apr 2020 IBFD Launches Tax Takes Video Series: COVID-19 Global Tax Implications
1 Apr 2020 IBFD releases Covid-19 pandemic Tax News Service reports to community
18 Feb 2020 IBFD appoints Stuart Gibson in newly created role as Chief Editor, US
6 Sept 2019 Aitor Navarro wins the 5th IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award
9 May 2019 IBFD Africa Tax Symposium Comes to South Africa
28 Mar 2019 IBFD Launches Online Certificate in International Taxation
5 Feb 2019 IBFD Tax Research Platform Completely Revised
15 Jan 2019 IBFD launches International Tax Studies (ITAXS)
3 May 2018 4th IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award goes to Tsilly Dagan
18 April 2018 IBFD Launches the Observatory for the Protection of Taxpayers’ Rights
16 April 2018 IBFD Africa Tax Symposium comes to Kenya
6 March 2018 IBFD and Tax Analysts Partner to Bring Breaking News and In-Depth Analysis to the Global Tax Community
22 Jan 2018 IBFD Centre for Studies in African Taxation Awards First Scholarship
07 Sep 2017 IBFD to Explore Impact of Changing International Tax Landscape on China
27 Jun 2017 IBFD and Tax Analysts Join Forces for Global Perspective on U.S. Tax Reform
05 May 2017 3rd IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award goes to Romero Tavares
18 Apr 2017 IBFD Africa Tax Symposium comes to Ghana / Le Symposium Fiscalité Africaine de l’IBFD arrive au Ghana
14 Feb 2017 University of Cape Town (UCT) awards Prof. Pasquale Pistone, with the title of Honorary Professor
15 Dec 2016 Jan Maarten Slagter succeeds Sam van der Feltz as CEO of IBFD
28 Nov 2016 IBFD publishes the OECD Multilateral Convention
13 Oct 2016 IBFD expands presence in multinational China
10 Oct 2016 IBFD celebrates its 10th anniversary in Kuala Lumpur and its position at the forefront of international taxation
27 Sep 2016 IBFD acquires leading international tax work – Roy Rohatgi’s Basic International Taxation 
22 Sep 2016 The 2016 IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award goes to Professor Dr Wolfgang Schön 
20 July 2016 IBFD and the Foundation for International Taxation (FIT) cement their partnership
30 Jun 2016 Investment wave in Japan opportunity for IBFD to talk “tax-talk” in local language
30 Jun 2016 IBFD and Taxsutra combine forces on international taxation 
23 Mar 2016 The Africa Tax Symposium comes to Uganda!
07 Sep 2015 Announcement of the IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award for International Tax Law winners
31 Aug 2015 Opening Address for the new UvA-IBFD Advanced Master’s in International Tax Law: Principles, Policy and Practice
16 Jun 2015 IBFD Holds First-Ever Africa Tax Symposium
16 Apr 2015 IBFD Senior Principal Jan de Goede Appointed Visiting Professor by Renmin University of China
23 Sep 2014 On behalf of the Dutch government, IBFD offers a training for 31 selected partner countries’ tax administration officers
26 May 2014 IBFD launches the Global Tax Treaty Commentaries, the first digital global commentary of its kind to assist in the analysis of Tax Treaties
27 March 2014 IBFD and Comtax launch integrated tool for analysis and calculation of cross-border tax
13 March 2014 IBFD launches Global Mobility on tax implications of international assignments
11 Feb 2014 IBFD and Comtax announce strategic partnership to better meet international tax planning needs
22 Oct 2013 UN Ffd requests IBFD to evaluate the practical impact of the UN Double Taxation Model between 1997-2013

04 Oct 2012

IBFD was one of the partners of the 2nd Asian Tax Authorities Symposium (ATAS), that was successfully hosted on 4-5 September 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

11 Jun 2012

IBFD, Tax Academy of Singapore and IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department co-host seminar on Challenges of Reforming Tax and Customs Administrations
21 May 2012

IBFD announces the appointment of Prof. Dr Stef van Weeghel as the new Chairman of its Board of Trustees.

IBFD benoemt prof. dr. Stef van Weeghel tot voorzitter van het raad van toezicht.

27 Apr 2012

Prof. Wijnen, Counsel to the Academic Chair, IBFD, appointed Officer of the Order of Oranje-Nassau

Prof. Wijnen, Adviseur van de Academic Chairman van IBFD, is benoemd tot Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau.

15 Mar 2012

Prof. Jan de Goede, IBFD Senior Principal, Tax Knowledge Management, awarded Republic of Poland’s Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit

Prof. Jan de Goede benoemd tot Ridder in de Orde van Verdienste van de Republiek Polen

27 Fev 2012 IBFD Launches IBFD Mobile Tax Facts to help tax professionals keep up with demands for ever quicker answers
18 Dec 2011

IBFD Research Fellow Sandra Fernandes wins ATTA 2012 prize for Best paper presented by a postgraduate student

02 Dec 2011

Prof. Dr. Victor van Kommer appointed Professor at University of Utrecht

Prof. Dr. Victor van Kommer benoemd tot Professor op de Universiteit van Utrecht

26 Jul 2011 ICA partners with IBFD on
18 Mar 2011 IBFD launches a new website reinforcing its position as the hub of international tax expertise
08 Jul 2010 First copy of book on Tax Risk Management presented to Tax Administration
23 Jun 2010 Asian Tax Authorities Symposium
28 Jan 2010 IBFD/UN Training Workshop on Tax Treaties Negotiations
24 Nov 2009 Prof. Victor van Kommer, IBFD’s Knowledge Center Director, will present a paper entitled “Good governance and Integrity” at the Commonwealth Business Forum 2009

09 Jul 2009

IBFD announces the appointment of Sam van der Feltz as its new Executive Chairman
29 May 2009 IBFD makes international tax training border free with the launch of ITA Online
12 Feb 2009 IBFD/UN Training Workshop on Tax Treaty Negotiation