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IBFD Centre for Studies in African Taxation (CSAT)

In 2015, IBFD launched its Centre for Studies in African Taxation (CSAT). CSAT is an autonomous think tank devoted to the study and development of African taxation.

Objectives, goal and mission

CSAT's main objectives are to:

  • study and provide well-researched opinions on taxation in Africa;
  • encourage research by Africans for Africa; and
  • find practical solutions that work within an African context.
These objectives serve CSAT’s goal to improve Africa’s capacity to collect the tax revenue needed to fund development programmes, run essential services and achieve sustainable economic growth. This goal is in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and, in particular, "Goal 17: Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development".
CSAT's goal also works within the overall framework of IBFD’s mission to promote and disseminate the understanding of cross-border taxation at the highest level.
IBFD Africa Tax Symposium
One of the ways CSAT will achieve its goal is by sponsoring and organizing the IBFD Africa Tax Symposium. This event provides recurring opportunities to:
  • present and debate research papers on recent developments in international taxation;
  • network and share knowledge; and
  • seek investment opportunities in Africa.

CSAT team

CSAT’s activities are supervised by a Management Committee, whose membership includes representation from IBFD’s Executive Board. The Management Committee is responsible for, among others, procuring financial resources for CSAT and ensuring that CSAT operates within its objectives. The day-to-day activities of CSAT are run by a project manager, who reports to the Management Committee.

   Management Committee
Belema Obuoforibo – IBFD Director  Knowledge Centre
 Member – Institutional cooperation
Victor van Kommer – IBFD Director Tax Services
 Member – CSAT Manager
Emily Muyaa  – IBFD Managing Senior, Sub-Saharan Africa
 Member – Marketing & Business    Development
Sorrel Hidding  –  IBFD Head of Marketing


Collaborative partnerships and sponsorship

CSAT seeks collaborative partnerships with:

  • The African Union (AU) in general, and the African Union Commission on International Law in particular
  • The 8 AU-recognized Regional Economic Communities
  • Multilateral institutions, such as the World Bank and the United Nations
  • The European Union
  • African universities and institutions that provide training in taxation
CSAT also welcomes sponsorship from other stakeholders in African development, including global businesses.

CSAT Scholarship

Once a year, IBFD awards a scholarship through its Centre for Studies in African Taxation (CSAT). CSAT is an integral part of IBFD, an independent not-for-profit foundation that provides high-quality information and education on international taxation. Open to employees of African tax authorities, the CSAT Scholarship is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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For specific questions about the CSAT Scholarship, please send an email to:

Contact and more information

More information is available in the Concept Paper on CSAT Objectives and Organizational Structure. For questions or comments, please contact us at