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Number 1 - 2018 contains the following:
Blockchain in Global Finance and Tax
Tommie van der Bosch, Dolf Diederichsen and Christopher Demetrius
This article describes two use cases where blockchain is a game changer for businesses: in international money transfers and in combating VAT fraud (missing trader fraud).
Italian Financial Transaction Tax Implications of the Evolving Regulatory Landscape: The Exemption for Market Makers
Vittorio Salvadori di Wiesenhoff
This article outlines the interrelations between the exemption for market making activities under the Short Selling Regulation, as interpreted by the European Securities and Markets Authority (the ESMA), and the Italian financial transaction tax exemption available for market makers.
Taxation of Authorized Financial Instruments under Mexico’s 2017 Tax Repatriation Programme
Javier Diaz de Leon and Jorge A. Jimenez


European Union
The Abolition of the VAT Cost-Sharing Exemption for the Financial Sector: Are There Alternatives Left?
Hoeshang Rahigh
ECJ Decision on Arbitration between Germany and Austria Regarding Taxation from Profit Participation Certificates under the Austria-Germany Tax Treaty
Stefan Angsten
In an arbitration case between Germany and Austria on the right of taxation relating to interest from profit-participation certificates, the ECJ recently held that such interest should be taxed only in the state of residence of the beneficial owner unless such certificates gave entitlement to the debtor’s profits. Apart from the tax aspects and the interpretation of the treaty itself, this decision is remarkable as it demonstrates the judicial capacity of the ECJ in double tax treaty controversies.
Dutch Dividend Withholding Tax: Changes and Anticipated Abolishment
Femke van der Zeijden, Joey Schellingerhout and Evert-Jan Spoelder
The authors describe the recent development in the Dutch dividend withholding tax legislation in the context of international developments on this theme.
Taxing Cooperative Societies
Bosire Nyamori
The author discusses the taxation of cooperative societies under the Kenyan Income Tax Act, with particular focus on section 19A. The article traces the history evolution of the tax provisions for cooperative societies, highlights their importance and legal and institutional framework governing their operations and analyses recent court cases touching on taxation of interest earned from lending to members under front office operations.
Innovation, Start-ups and Crowdfunding in Australia
Anton Joseph
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