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January 2022 (expected)

Jasper Bossuyt

The Legal Status of Extrinsic Instruments for the Interpretation of Tax Treaties
November 2021
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Howard R. Hull, Roberto Scalia

UAE International Tax
October 2020
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Ton Daniels, Toine Gorissen

Investing in U.S. Securities - An Introduction to U.S. Withholding Taxes, QI and FATCA
September 2020
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Moritz Scherleitner

Addressing Tax Arbitrage with Hybrid Financial Instrument
August 2020
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Marja Hokkanen

Derivatives and the European VAT System
January 2019

Na Li

The Tax Sparing Mechanism and Foreign Direct Investment
March 2014
ePub | Online

The Tax Treatment of CIVs and REITs
June 2012
ePub | Online

Taxing the Financial Sector
June 2012
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Taxation of Intercompany Dividends under Tax Treaties and EU Law
October 2011

VAT in an EU and International Tax Perspective